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Drug Discovery Toxicology SS Drug Discovery Toxicology SS Postdoctoral Poster Competition—Annual Meeting

Deadline: February 7


Applicants must have completed a PhD and have an abstract accepted by SOT for presentation at the Annual Meeting. Applicants must submit a copy of the abstract and a letter of support from their postdoctoral advisor via email to Pankajini Mallick. A selected set of applicants (finalists) will be invited to present their posters during a special poster judging session distinct from the regularly scheduled poster sessions. If your SOT presentation is in a symposium, you will need to print your slides as hard copy such that they can be presented during the judging session. To participate in the DDTSS Postdoctoral Award poster competition, membership in SOT and/or DDTSS is encouraged but not necessary. The deadline for submission is February 7.

First ($1000), second ($400) and third ($150) place prizes will be presented at the Annual Meeting (made possible by the Emil Pfitzer Drug Discovery Toxicology Endowment Fund).

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials: