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Ethical, Legal, Forensics, and Societal Issues SS Postdoctoral Award

Deadline: February 1

The Ethical, Legal, Forensics, and Societal Issues (ELFSI) SS Postdoctoral Award was created to encourage postdoctoral scholars interested in research relevant to ethical, legal, forensics, and societal issues in toxicology. The recipient of this award will be announced at the ELFSI SS Reception during the SOT Annual Meeting and will receive an achievement certificate from the ELFSI Specialty Section.

Award candidates must be members of SOT, or show evidence of application for SOT membership. Preference will be given to ELFSI Specialty Section members to highlight the importance of the investigator’s work to the field, however, graduate students in other Specialty Sections of SOT are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must submit:

1. Accepted SOT abstract (electronic form)

2. Synopsis of their research and how it applies to ethical, legal, forensic and/or social issues in toxicology (not to exceed one page)

3. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor, which should be submitted directly by the advisor

Please send all application materials to Jamie Mirowsky at

The deadline for submission is midnight CST, February 1, 2022.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Jamie Mirowsky