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Biological Modeling SS Best Trainee Abstract Award

Deadline: December 31


The Biological Modeling Specialty Section (BMSS) will present the BMSS Best Trainee Abstract Award to the lead author of the best biologically-based computational modeling abstract at the BMSS Business Meeting and Reception during the SOT Annual Meeting. An achievement plaque will be presented to the lead author of the winning abstract.

Any student or postdoctoral abstract submitted to SOT for the annual meeting which indicates a biologically-based computational modeling focus or impact is eligible for this award. After acceptance of the abstract by the SOT Program Committee, please send a copy of the abstract to the contacts below (BMSS officers).

Eligibility: All student or postdoctoral SOT abstracts, both poster and platform presentations, that have been accepted by the SOT for presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting are eligible.

Process: The Best Abstract Award Committee will be composed of BMSS member volunteers and led by the BMSS Vice President-Elect. Beside the nominated abstracts, the Committee will also search the submitted abstracts to identify eligible abstracts. Each candidate abstract will be judged based on innovation, quality of modeling, potential or realized impact on the field, utility in toxicology/risk assessment, and other criteria deemed important to the Committee.

BMSS members are also encouraged to nominate abstracts for competition by sending a copy of the submitted abstract via email to Qiang Zhang.

Award Group: SOT

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Qiang Zhang