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RC4 Undergraduate Travel Award

Deadline: October 18



To provide an undergraduate student a needs-based travel grant that enables them to attend the SOT Annual Meeting and present a poster of a toxicology-related project. This award is funded by the Regional Chapter Communication and Collaboration Group (RC4).

  • The applicant will first apply to the Regional Chapter to be nominated for the RC4 award.
  • To be eligible, the applicant must have a high school diploma and be enrolled in an undergraduate program at the time of travel to the SOT Annual Meeting.
  • The applicant will have completed research in the laboratory of a mentor who is a member of a SOT Regional Chapter.
  • The application packet will include an abstract of the project, a "statement of purpose," and a letter of support from the mentor, which will be submitted to the Regional Chapter.
  • The abstract should be the same as or a near final draft of the abstract that will be submitted for presentation at the National SOT Annual Meeting. It should include the hypothesis studied, brief methods of study, findings, and conclusion.
  • The "statement of purpose" should clearly state that the student will not be able to attend the meeting without the support of this grant mechanism. The statement of purpose should also include how participating in the project and attending the annual meeting will benefit the student’s career goals.
  • The Regional Chapter will select their most meritorious candidate (only one per Chapter) and forward their name, application, and letter of support to the RC4 Award Committee who will select the top three applicants and award each with an $1100 travel award.
  • Selection criteria will include quality of "statement of purpose," quality of abstract, relevance to toxicology, mentor’s letter, and Regional Chapter letter.
  • The recipients will participate in the SOT Sunday Undergraduate Program and present a poster of their project at the meeting, if it is accepted by the Scientific Program Committee for presentation. The mentor or a Regional Chapter Officer will sponsor the abstract submission for the undergraduate student before the SOT Annual Meeting October abstract submission deadline.
  • Recipients must attend the SOT Annual Meeting and provide the RC4 with an evaluation of the value of the award to the recipient’s experience at the meeting.
  • The mentor or the corresponding Regional Chapter can provide additional travel support for the student. However, the awardee will be ineligible to receive other undergraduate awards provided by the Faculty United for Toxicology Undergraduate Recruitment and Education (FUTURE) Committee or the Committee for Diversity initiatives (CDI).

Timeline for submission and review (2019):

10/18/2018: SOT Annual Meeting Abstract submission deadline.
10/18/2019: Submission and assessment by Regional Chapter to RC4
11/1/2019: Selection by RC4 Award Committee - please note each Regional Chapter needs to submit their one finalist to the RC4 by this date so an internal deadline and plan should be set by each Regional Chapter prior to this date.
11/04/2019: Notification of decision to applicant and applicant’s Regional Chapter
3/23/2020: Evaluation of the award and meeting experience.

RC4 Award Committee: RC4 Chair, Co-Chair, and three RC4 officers.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:


Ashley Black