SOT Awards

Regional Chapter Undergraduate Activity Funding Application

Deadline: August 5

Application deadline is August 5 for activities in the last half of the year and January 9 for activities in the first half of the year.

Undergraduates are the future for SOT and part of SOT’s Strategic Priority B1 is to “develop a robust pool of scientists engaged in toxicology.” Exposure to toxicology during their undergraduate career contributes to our success in recruiting these students into professional and graduate programs or straight into the workforce. Since most undergraduates are not exposed to toxicology as an academic discipline through their courses or research experiences, and many never met a toxicologist, Regional Chapter meetings provide an ideal opportunity to introduce students to the field.

The Faculty United for Toxicology Undergraduate Recruitment and Education (FUTURE) Committee will fund selected proposals from Regional Chapters for up to $500 to enhance the participation of undergraduates from their region in a chapter meeting. FUTURE expects that each chapter will propose additions to their meeting that are unique and best suited for successful outcomes relative to the undergraduate audience. These may include virtual breakout sessions. The Regional Chapter member submitting the proposal will have the endorsement of the Regional Chapter officers and meeting organizers and will ensure that these funds will be spent for the activities approved by FUTURE. The members of FUTURE are available to offer suggestions and/or advice to your chapter as you plan.

Fund recipients will use the student survey provided by SOT to collect information about the award’s impact.

Award Group: SOT