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Toxicologist Mentoring Award

Deadline: October 9

The Toxicologist Mentoring Award is presented to a member of SOT in recognition of their commitment to mentoring and whose advice and counsel have substantially enhanced the career development of toxicologists.

This award consists of a plaque that is presented at the SOT Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony and a cash stipend.

Criteria for award:

  • The nominee must be a member of the Society and can be from any employment sector of toxicology (e.g., government, industry, academia).
  • Evaluation of the nominations is based on the quality and quantity of mentoring activities and the impact of these on the career development/advancement of mentees. Key aspects of mentoring include, but are not limited to, advising on career/work strategies, nurturing intellectual growth, inspiring ethical behavior, providing opportunities through recommendation and referral, and serving as a positive role model. Mentoring includes either formal or informal interactions with mentees both within and outside the mentor’s place of employment.
  • Mentoring during or after undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral training will be considered, but neither the mentor’s personal career achievements (e.g., publications, professional service) nor the mentor’s formal teaching activities (e.g., lecturing, training in research methods) will be considered in the evaluation of nominations.

Items needed in the application:

  1. A brief bioparagraph describing the nominee’s current employment position, background. Total text should be less than one page, 11 pt font. A curriculum vitae of the nominee or nominators is NOT required and will not be considered in the evaluation.
  2. A primary nominating letter that may be from either a colleague/peer or a mentee familiar with the nominee’s formal and/or informal mentoring activities.
  3. A total of no more than four letters (including the primary letter), that are no more than two pages (11 pt font) and that include:
    • One letter from a colleague or peer familiar with the nominee’s overall mentoring contributions
    • No more than three letters from current or former mentees who can provide a firsthand account of how the nominee influenced their careers and a reflection of the nominee’s mentoring philosophy and approach

  4. Historical Listing of Award Recipients

    Preference will be given to nominees who have not received one of the following SOT awards in the past two years: Achievement, Arnold J. Lehman, Distinguished Toxicology Scholar, Education, Enhancement of Animal Welfare, Founders, Leading Edge in Basic Science, Merit, Public Communications, Toxicologist Mentoring, Translational Impact, Translational/Bridging Travel, and Undergraduate Educator Awards.

    Award Group: SOT

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