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Computational Toxicology SS Yves Alarie Diversity Award for Trainees and Young Investigators

Deadline: January 17


The Yves Alarie Scholarship Fund of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Endowment was established in July 2019 by his students, friends, colleagues, and family. Dr. Alarie, a longtime member of the SOT, has made significant contributions to the fields of inhalation toxicology and computational toxicology. During his career as a Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, he advised, trained, encouraged, and supported many students in the field of toxicology. A monetary award of $2,500 will be given to a motivated trainee or young investigator from an under-represented group that is working in the field of computational toxicology and shares Dr. Alarie’s passion for science. The award must be used for the professional development of the trainee/young investigator including research, travel and/or registration to a scientific meeting or training (e.g., leadership or science).

Applicants for the Award are not precluded from applying for travel support or other SOT Awards outside of the CTSS. Winners of the Yves Alarie Diversity Award are not eligible to apply for the award over consecutive calendar years.

Criteria for Award:
  • Relevance of work to computational toxicology
  • Enrollment in a doctoral or a postdoctoral program in the field of toxicology or a closely related discipline, with evidence of career advancement or a young investigator in the field of toxicology or a closely related discipline, that has been working in academia or industry for less than five years
  • Current SOT member (any category of membership)
  • Preference will be given to current CTSS members or those that have applied to be a CTSS member
  • Member of an underrepresented group in the biomedical sciences as defined by the National Institutes of Health (e.g., women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, economically disadvantaged individuals, etc.)
  • Originality and strength of scientific research
  • Accepted abstract and planned attendance at the Annual SOT Meeting
  • Familiarity with the work conducted by Yves Alarie as evidenced by a narrative (see below)
Submission Requirements:
  • Copy of submitted abstract
  • Short narrative about the trainee/young investigator, applicability of work to computational toxicology, and a description as to how the funds will be used. The applicant should also indicate their membership in an underrepresented group and how this has impacted their training. The narrative should be short and concise (one page or less, single-spaced, font size no less than 10, with at least one-inch margins).
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of recommendation from a full SOT member

*Please note there was an incorrect email on the site, and if information was sent, please resend to the correct email address for David Szabo at

Applications should be submitted to David Szabo, CTSS Vice President

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



David Szabo