SOT Awards

Arab Toxicologists Association SIG Outstanding Professional Award

Deadline: January 8

Outstanding Professional Award is given to a young investigator of Arab origin who contributes significantly to understand and advance the toxicological science. A young investigator whose work exemplifies the mission of ATA-SIG will be given a plaque and a recognition certificate.

To be eligible for this award, an applicant must/ must be:

* An applicant of Arab origin

* A SOT and ATA member (or applicant)

* Have 5-10 years of full-time employment experiences since completing the highest degree (including postdoctoral fellow training)

* Actively involved in toxicology research at the time of applying for this award

* Submit a current curriculum vitae

* Not have already received an ATA-SIG award for the previous three years

* Submit a letter that demonstrated the following at a minimum:

- Outstanding Service to the College/University, including serving as a committee member, an officer, a counselor, and/or frequent participation and contribution at any other College activity or Annual Meeting (i.e., chairperson, organizing committee, speaker, etc.)

- Evidence supporting the active mentoring of toxicologists (i.e., graduate students and postdoctoral fellows)

To apply for this award, please submit your complete application by email to Amira Mohammed on or before January 8th before the SOT Annual Meeting. All required documents should be combined as a one-pdf document. The file shall be sent by email with the name of the award in the subject of the email. Any application with separated files could be excluded from the judgment.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Amira Mohammed