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Regulatory and Safety Evaluation SS Elsevier Award: Three-Minute Thesis (TMT)

Deadline: February 15

The Three-Minute Thesis (TMT) is a new RSESS award, sponsored by Elsevier, that will serve as a new platform for student members to showcase their current thesis research project within a short, 3-minute time limit. Presentations will be judged based on overall scientific merit, including relevance to regulatory toxicology or safety evaluation, a graphical abstract presentation, and ability to successfully communicate the goals of their research and answer questions.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students only

Application: Student members who wish to be considered should submit a standard meeting abstract along with a graphical abstract (like those requested by many journals) by the award deadline (abstract will need to be accepted by SOT to be eligible for consideration). Selection: The RSESS Executive Committee will convene a diverse panel to select student research projects from the pool of applicants to present in the RSESS Mixer Event. Among others, a key criterion for selection is the relevance work to regulatory safety, risk assessment or closely related aspects of research.

The number of presenters at the RSESS Mixer is limited to 5.

Presentation: Using a graphical abstract (1 slide), students will be allowed 3 minutes (timed) to present the basis of their research (brand and pitch exercise) followed by 1-2 minutes for Q&A.

Goal: TMT will provide a platform for students to practice how to organize, distill, and communicate their research to non-experts in a limited timeframe (“elevator speech”). Through this exercise, students will learn how to present their thesis research in an effective way that highlights the scientific question, main findings and their merit, the overall impact to the field.

Awards: The top 3 student presentations selected by the panel of judges will receive monetary prizes ($500 for 1st place and $250 each for 2nd and 3rd place). To submit an application, email the following information to the Vice President of RSESS at the following email address: Dr. Hilary Sheevers.

Candidates selected to present at the RSESS Mixer will be informed by February 28.

Award Group: SOT

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Hilary Sheevers