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Colgate-Palmolive Award for Student Research Training in Alternative Methods

Deadline: October 9

The purpose of the Colgate-Palmolive Award for Student Research Training in Alternative Methods is to enhance graduate student research training using in vitro methods or alternative techniques to replace the use of animals in toxicological research.

The training may include but is not limited to use of in vitro, computer modeling, and structure-activity relationships. Graduate students may propose to develop expertise in relevant methodologies 1) at a laboratory away from their home institution, 2) at a laboratory at their home institution that would not be available to them otherwise, or 3) at approved workshops, symposia or continuing education programs where hands-on training will be received.

The training should help toxicology graduate students enhance their thesis or dissertation research. The overall goal is to support the replacement of currently used animal models in toxicology research and testing. The proposal will include a budget of up to $3,750 to defray travel, per diem, training expenses, and research costs.

Criteria for award:

  • Enrolled in PhD or MS study in the discipline of toxicology
  • Student member or pending student member of the Society at application deadline
  • Proposed training must involve in vitro alternative techniques to replace the use of animals in toxicological research
  • Application must clearly explain how this training relates to the goal of the award program
  • Willingness of host to assist with the training or acceptance to the program

Items needed in the application:

  1. Application form
  2. Two-page Research Plan, Proposal, and Budget, including justification of the work relative to the goals of the award program
  3. Transcripts of current graduate study
  4. Letter of support from research advisor/mentor
  5. Letter of support from the director of the hosting laboratory or documentation of the content of the workshop, symposium, or continuing education program; in the latter case, the research mentor letter should address the itinerary and goals of the activity

To determine if you are eligible to submit an application for a Colgate-Palmolive supported award, you should be able to answer yes to the following statements.
In my proposed research:
  1. I will not use any animals in my research.
  2. I will not use animal sacrifice to source cells for my research.
  3. I will not use any cells derived from a human embryo.
If you agree with all three of the statements above, congratulations, you are eligible to submit an application! Please download the application materials and return the completed forms by the October 09 SOT Awards deadline.

Apply by downloading application files, completing and submitting via the SOT Awards site by the application deadline.
Mail original application face page with official signatures to
SOT Awards/Colgate-Palmolive Student Research Funding
Society of Toxicology
11190 Sunrise Valley Dr, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20191

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