SOT Awards

Immunotoxicology SS Vos Lifetime Career Achievement Award in Immunotoxicology

Deadline: December 31

An engraved plaque will be awarded to a Senior Investigator whose body of work represents an outstanding career in Immunotoxicology.

The nominator should provide a discussion of the role that the individual's work has played in advancing the field of Immunotoxicology. A curriculum vitae and bibliography should also be included. A second letter of recommendation from another investigator in the field would be helpful.

Nominees are evaluated with respect to the following criteria:

1) Contribution to the field of Immunotoxicology: depth and breadth of scientific contributions and significance of contributions for advancing the field. (weighted value = 50%)

2) Major influence in the education/training/mentorship of young scientists in the field of Immunotoxicology including training in government, industry, or academia (weighted value = 20%)

3) Leadership and service to the immunotoxicology field including involvement in the Specialty Section or other meetings/organizations related to Immunotoxicology (weighted value = 20%)

4) Influence on regulatory and risk/safety assessment decisions related to Immunotoxicology (weighted value = 10%)

Nominations of unsuccessful candidates will be considered for two additional years unless the nomination is withdrawn by the sponsor.

Final decisions will be made by the ITSS President, last three ITSS Past Presidents, the ITSS Vice President, and ITSS Vice President-Elect (Chaired by the President).

Presentation slides and a brief description of the awardee’s career accomplishments in the field of Immunotoxicology will be made by the nominator.

Please submit nominations to: Berran Yucesoy

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Berran Yucesoy