SOT Awards

Immunotoxicology SS Outstanding Young Immunotoxicologist Award

Deadline: December 31

An engraved plaque will be awarded to the Young Investigator whose work has made significant contributions to the field of Immunotoxicology. This award is for scientists in academia, industry, or those who have had an impact on regulatory issues.

The nominee must have 10 years or less of experience since obtaining their highest degree. Exceptions to the 10 year limitation can be made if careers have been interrupted for family or health reasons, or clinical practice, etc. Reasons for the exception should be documented in the nomination letter.

Nominators are required to document the contributions of the candidate and also provide a curriculum vitae and bibliography. The depth, breadth and significance of the scientific contributions of the nominee to advancing the field of Immunotoxicology should be addressed, as well as service to the Immunotoxicology community.

All nominations of candidates that have not received the award will be retained and considered for an additional two years unless the nomination is withdrawn by the sponsor.

Final decisions will be made by the Vice President and members of the Awards Committee (Chaired by the Vice President).

Members should submit recommendations to: Berran Yucesoy

Award Group: SOT

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Berran Yucesoy