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Women in Toxicology SIG Mentoring Award

Deadline: October 18

An important mission of WIT includes mentoring and guidance of young women considering careers in toxicology, and to support the career growth of women in toxicology.


This award will be given to an individual (male or female) in academia, government, industry, or a related field who has been a major influence in the mentoring of women scientists considering the field of toxicology, those entering the field of toxicology, and/or whose leadership and service have provided career development opportunities for women toxicologists or encouraged women to achieve their professional goals. Undergraduate faculty, faculty at primarily liberal-arts institutions, and mentors in industry or government sectors are also included in this deliberation. Please note that applicants need not to have served as formal mentors or graduate committee members but may serve to champion women entering the field of toxicology or maintain and support the careers of professional women in the field.


Required application components (listed below) should detail mentoring activities. Mentoring activities, with other criteria listed below, are used in the award selection process. We welcome applicants to nominate themselves and highlight their own accomplishments and impact. 


1)  A letter of nomination that discusses the following at a minimum:

    • Evidence supporting the active mentoring of women in toxicology
    • Number of women mentored (and relative to overall number of mentees)
    • Evidence mentoring is intentional and thoughtful
    • Overall impact of mentoring
    • Scientific contribution of mentees to toxicology (e.g., "where are they now")

    2)  A minimum of two letters of recommendation (one must be from a current or past mentee). These letters should describe how the mentor promoted the field of toxicology and the impact the mentor had on their career from personal experiences.

    3)  Curriculum vitae of the nominee


    The awardee will receive a plaque and monetary award.


    All components of the award application must be sent to as a single PDF file. The name of the award must be indicated in the title field. The application must be received by the deadline or the applicant will not be considered for the award.


    Applications will remain on file and be considered for 3 consecutive years. Applicants are encouraged to update their application during this period.


    Contact: Judith Zelikoff (

    Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



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