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Biological Modeling SS Perry J. Gehring Biological Modeling Endowment Award

Deadline: December 31


The Biological Modeling Specialty Section (BMSS) will present the Perry J. Gehring Biological Modeling Award at the BMSS Business Meeting and Reception during the SOT Annual Meeting. This award is made possible by the Perry J. Gehring Biological Modeling Award Fund of the SOT Endowment, and it will consist of a plaque and a cash award.

Research areas of interest include all aspects of biologically based modeling and simulation; they may include, but are not limited to: modeling of complex biological systems, biological insights gained through model development and application, model validation, and mathematical/statistical/computational approaches to biological modeling.

Eligibility: The competition is open to all current graduate and postdoctoral students whose abstract have been accepted by the SOT for presentation at the upcoming Annual Meeting. Students who are not SOT members must have a major advisor who is a Full or Associate SOT member. Applicants will be considered for all BMSS awards for which graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are eligible.

Application Package: The package should be submitted to Patricia Ruiz, as a single PDF file containing the following three items:

1. A copy of the abstract.
2. A 3-5 page summary of the study with no more than 2 figures, discussing the rationale and scope of the study, significance of findings, and potential impact of the work on advancing toxicological science and biological modeling.
3. A letter of support from his/her major advisor, describing the student’s contributions (both in time and effort) to the overall study and modeling-specific tasks.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials: