SOT Awards

Immunotoxicology SS Best Presentation by a Postdoctoral Trainee Award

Deadline: December 20

This award will be presented to the postdoctoral trainees whose work in the field of Immunotoxicology is deserving of recognition. For full consideration:

  1. Applicants need to be ITSS members (pending applications are also accepted).
  2. The original abstract submitted to the SOT Annual Meeting, and the nominee plans to attend the meeting.
  3. A letter of support from the mentor describing the impact of the work and the role of the postdoctoral trainee in the project. We encourage all mentors to take a minute to nominate their postdoctoral trainees so they can be recognized for their work.
  4. A complete written version (including all graphs and tables) of a presentation to be made at the SOT Annual Meeting (7’ + 3’ Q&A). Only presentations representing an expansion of the submitted abstract will be accepted for this award. The preferred format is represented by PowerPoint file (a pdf converted file will be accepted if the file size exceeds 10MB). Description of each slide should be provided either in the comment section on PowerPoint, or through submission of a separate Word file where a description of each slide is clearly marked. Please be aware that the conversion of PowerPoint files to PDF results in the loss of slide animations and additional comments. The presentation should not exceed 10 slides + 2 (title page and acknowledgments). Associated text provided in Word format should not exceed 2 pages. The reviewers will score quality of the presentation and the content of the text accompanying each slide, describing rationale and significance of the results presented. Please note that submissions of full-size manuscripts (in preparation, submitted, under review, or recently published) will not be accepted.

Final decisions will be made by the ITSS Awards Committee (Chaired by the Senior Councilor). An engraved plaque and cash award ($500) will be presented to the recipient of this award.

Required Documents:
  • A copy of the original abstract submitted to the SOT annual meeting;
  • mentor’s letter of support;
  • written version of a presentation (5-7 slides/7’ + 3’ Q&A) based on submitted abstract.

  • Please submit nominations for Best Presentation by a Postdoctoral Trainee to: Amy Sharma

    Award Group: SOT

    Application Materials:



    Amy Sharma