SOT Awards

Metals SS Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Research Awards

Deadline: January 14

MSS invites current graduate students or postdoctoral trainees planning to attend the SOT Annual Meeting to compete for the Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Research Awards.

Applicants should submit:
1. Copy of the submitted abstract to the SOT annual meeting,
2. Letter from the trainee's advisor outlining the trainee's role in the research, and
3. Submission of the poster or presentation slides of the accepted abstract that will be presented at the SOT Annual Meeting (Draft or final versions are accepted. Electronic versions in pdf format is requested.)

Please submit applications to Laura Markley via email by Friday, January 14, 2022.

Qualification requirements:
• Work must be related to the field of metals toxicology.
• Trainee should be planning to attend the SOT Annual Meeting and encouraged to attend the MSS reception to receive their award and share their work.
• Trainees should be members of SOT or show evidence of application for SOT membership. Trainees are encouraged to join MSS. (Mentors who are not SOT members or MSS members are also encouraged to join.)
• MSS student awards will not be given to a trainee receiving another SOT award for the same abstract.
• First place winners can compete in subsequent years to win a second or third place award; however, the trainee will not be awarded a first-place award twice within their graduate or postdoctoral program. (e.g. A trainee can compete and be awarded 1st place as a PhD student and in a subsequent year as a postdoctoral fellow.)

Awardees receive:
• A recognition plaque for each winner, and
• Monetary prizes for Postdoctoral and Graduate Student categories in the amounts of: First Place*-$250, Second Place-$150, and Third Place-$100.

*In 2013, MSS began awarding the first-place graduate student with the “Dean E. Carter Graduate Research Award,” which is a practice we hope to establish permanently.

What to expect after submitting your application:
Confirmation of receipt of the application will be sent by email. Awardees will receive their award at the MSS reception at the SOT Annual Meeting. Awardees will be notified before the SOT Annual Meeting, so they may prepare to present a brief summary of their work to MSS membership at the MSS reception. Details of the expectations of this short presentation will be given at the time of the award announcement.

Acknowledgement of funding:
These awards are made possible by the MSS Student Research Award Fund of the SOT Endowment.

Award Group: SOT

Application Materials:



Somshuvra Mukhopadhyay