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Neurotoxicology SS Toshio Narahashi Graduate Student Poster Competition Award

Deadline: February 21

Eligibility Requirements: Graduate students must be in attendance at the SOT Annual Meeting; the trainee must be a student member of SOT and NTSS (or show evidence of application) and meet the SOT criteria for classification as a graduate student at the time of the Annual Meeting. Graduate students giving platform presentations at the Annual Meeting are also eligible if they prepare a poster summarizing their talk. Advisors or mentors who are not members are strongly encouraged to join NTSS.

Submission Requirements: An extended abstract and a letter of support from the graduate student's advisor outlining the graduate student's independence and role on the research should be submitted to Kristen Ryan, Councilor for NTSS Student and Postdoctoral Awards Committee, by February 21, 2022. The extended abstract should consist of the abstract originally submitted to SOT, a 2-4 sentence description of the impact of the research, up to one page of key figures or data, and a 3-5 sentence conclusion (total of 3 pages). We anticipate at least 3 judges will evaluate each poster at the in-person poster presentation held at the SOT Annual Meeting.

Awardee Receives: In addition to recognition plaques for each winner, monetary prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place. Awardee will be announced at the annual NTSS Social/Business Meeting at the SOT Annual Meeting. This award is made possible by the Toshio Narahashi Neurotoxicology Fellowship Award Fund of the SOT Endowment. The first-place award is sponsored by Battelle.

Deadlines: February 21, 2022 (abstract and letter submission)

Award Group: SOT

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Kristen Ryan