SOT Awards

Comparative Toxicology, Pathology, and Veterinary SS Trainee Award

Deadline: December 30

Trainees (veterinary students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fscholars) are encouraged to apply for a CTPVSS-sponsored student trainee award to attend the SOT Annual Meeting. Applicants must be individuals who are currently enrolled in a program leading to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM, VMD), MS, PhD, or graduated with their Veterinary Medical Degree, PhD, or MS in the year preceding the SOT meeting. Applicants must also be SOT members or have an application pending.

Applicants must be members of CTPVSS and preference will be given to applicants having long-term association with CTPVSS.

Applicants must be the first author of an SOT-accepted abstract concerning hypothesis-driven research in toxicology that presents work illustrating the integrated application of pathology (morphologic or clinical pathology) endpoints with other scientific approaches, e.g. molecular or systems biology, imaging, or in vitro-in vivo correlations, to enhance the understanding of whole animal or tissue toxicologic responses.

Applicants must also submit the following: [a] a copy of their abstract (the candidate must be the first author and the presenting author), [b] a letter (maximum two pages) describing their research project and professional goals, [c] a letter of sponsorship from an academic advisor who is a member of SOT, and [d] a CV.

Abstracts will be judged based on scientific merit and clarity of presentation. Consideration will also be given to candidates whose professional goals include the incorporation of the science of pathology in their research work.

CTPVSS Trainee Award winners will present a brief (5 minute/5 slide maximum) synopsis of their research project at the CTPVSS meeting during the SOT Annual Meeting, where they will be recognized for their accomplishment with a monetary award of $500.

This award will complement other CTPVSS awards, thus applications for multiple awards are encouraged.

Please contact Katharine Horzmann for additional information.

Award Group: SOT

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Katharine Horzmann