SOT Awards

South Central Regional Chapter Awards

Eligibility requirements and instructions on how to apply are available as part of each individual award description.

South Central RC Award for Undergraduate Participation

Application Deadline: October 22

The purpose of this award is to support presentation of a poster at the Fall Meeting of the SCC SOT by undergraduate researchers with an interest in a ... Read more

South Central RC Fall Meeting Presentation Awards

Application Deadline: October 22

Awards are given for outstanding presentations (oral or poster) at the fall meeting of the SCC SOT. There are five categories: 1) Undergraduate Student ... Read more

South Central RC Student Travel Award

Application Deadline: February 7

The travel award is to support the travel of a graduate student to the annual Society of Toxicology meeting in the spring. The awardee, as the first ... Read more

South Central RC Technology Transfer Award

Application Deadline: September 16

The Technology Transfer award is to support travel of a graduate student to another laboratory for the purpose of learning a technique not available in ... Read more