Undergraduate Toxicology Curriculum Resources Submission Instructions

Under the auspices of the Faculty United for Toxicology Undergraduate Recruitment and Education (FUTURE) Committee, SOT is collecting materials that are related to undergraduate toxicology instruction. Goals are to support quality undergraduate instruction, especially in light of the national undergraduate science curriculum reform efforts, and to provide SOT members with quality curriculum resources and a community in which to engage in discussion of the teaching of toxicology.

We encourage SOT Members who have taught a course or topics in toxicology to submit materials to this collection. These items may include course syllabi, lab activities, lecture notes, or other materials. Resources will be reviewed to assure appropriateness, quality, and for compliance with intellectual property guidelines (see below). Accepted resources will be credited to the author and posted on the SOT website.

To volunteer to serve as a reviewer of submissions for the Undergraduate Toxicology Curriculum Resources, or for further information, contact Betty Eidemiller.

Submit a Curriculum Resource
  1. The following descriptive information is required with each submission:

    1. Name, affiliation, address, email, and telephone number for the author (uploaded when member login)
    2. Resource type (select from menu: syllabus, lecture slides, lab activity, assignments, papers, or oral presentations)
    3. Institutional Course number
    4. Title of course
    5. Audience for the course (e.g., senior toxicology majors, pharmacology majors, etc.)
    6. Brief description (1–2 sentences) of the resource to put it in context of a toxicology course
    7. Keywords (for the search function)

  2. The instructional item can be uploaded as one of various document types (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.). Additional specific information for each resource type should be included within this document as requested. The resource may be in one file or 3 different files can be uploaded for one resource (for example, instructor guide, student guide, rubric).
    1. Syllabi—include references for reading material or textbooks
    2. Lecture slides—as is true for all materials contributed, slides cannot contain copyright protected items without permission of the copyright holder and sources of material should be properly cited
    3. Lab activities
      1. Objectives
      2. Equipment
      3. Supplies (consumables)
      4. Procedure and methods
      5. Assessment

    Alternatively, the URL for your materials, or for any portion of the materials, may be provided.

  3. As part of the submission process, each author will provide SOT license and copyright clearance so that SOT can publish the material. The licensing form as a document is available here. Copyrighted material can be used with permission of the copyright holder and authors can use the Copyright Release Form. Recognition should be given to the source of adapted material. For further information consult the Licensing FAQ, Licensing Key, or contact SOT Headquarters.

Each resource will be reviewed by two reviewers using the criteria below. Following acceptance a notification email will be send to the submitter. If the item is determined to not be suitable for acceptance then the authors will be notified and encouraged to resubmit with appropriate revisions.

  1. Does the material contain the required information listed in the submission guidelines?
  2. Are there copyright issues related to the submitted material?
  3. Does the material complement the teaching of toxicology?
  4. Is the science presented accurately?
  5. For labs specifically:
    1. If used, are animals used appropriately in the activity? Are there references or information on proper care of this animal?
    2. If used, are humans used appropriately in the activity? Are the proper safety recommendations made?