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Contribute to the Endowment Fund

Making a gift to the SOT Endowment is easy. Download this form and complete it, taking care to clearly identify the fund or funds of your choice. If you are making a contribution with a credit card, please return by fax to 703.438.3113 or, alternatively, you can return it by mail. If you make a contribution by check, it will be necessary to return the form and check by mail to SOT Headquarters. Please contact Clarissa L. Russell if you wish to make arrangements to contribute stock securities or other assets.

Every contribution received is acknowledged in writing. The written acknowledgement serves as a receipt for tax purposes. Contributions made by credit card at year end must be received at SOT Headquarters by December 31. If year-end contributions are made by check, the check must be dated December 31 or earlier, but it need not be received at SOT Headquarters by December 31.

Learn about the various ways to contribute to the Endowment Fund.