About the Funds

The SOT Endowment Fund assists in the advancement of the science of toxicology by providing financial support for the Society’s programs.

The SOT Endowment Fund is actually a series of funds established for different purposes, all of which support SOT and its members, and with contributions from multiple sources. SOT bears the administrative expenses of the Endowment Fund, assuring that every dollar contributed goes directly to support programs.

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Funds and Contributors

SOT Mission Funds support the long-term strategic priorities of the Society while Named Funds fund activities specified by the founder.

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Endowment Award Recipients

Many funds sponsor awards that encourage, assist, and highlight toxicology research and toxicologists, including trainees and students.

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Honor Roll of Contributors

SOT gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the many donors who contribute to the SOT Endowment Fund.

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Stories from Awardees

Scholar: Chiagoziem Anariochi Otuechere

I am immensely grateful to the award selection committee for finding my work competitive for the coveted Carl C. Smith Graduate Student Award. This award provides me with immense strength and confidence to continue pursuing my career in research.

Tarana Arman, Washington State University, 2021 Carl C. Smith Student Mechanisms Award Fund Awardee

Scholar: Chiagoziem Anariochi Otuechere

I am very excited to implement the program that I proposed. I hope to be able to help connect students at small minority institutions, such as my alma mater, with tier-one research universities to be able to involve students in respiratory toxicology research that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to be exposed.

Keith Rogers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2021 Donald E. Gardner Inhalation Toxicology Education Award Fund Awardee