For the latest 2020 SOT Virtual Meeting information and other updates, visit the Annual Meeting website.

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Meetings & Events

Upcoming Events

2020 SOT Virtual Meeting Program

In light of the 2020 SOT Annual Meeting cancellation, SOT is presenting Scientific Sessions and Continuing Education courses as live webinars through May.


SOT FDA Colloquium: May 28

The SOT FDA Colloquium titled, “Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA)—The Future of Predictive Toxicology," will take place through a live webcast on May 28. Register now!


A rectangular, horizontal image where the background is a gradient of yellow and orange colors with an overlay of DNS and molecule symbols behind the 2021 SOT Annual Meeting logo, which consists of a capital SOT in navy and other text. The O in the SOT is breaking into a DNA sequence pattern.  Next to the capital SOT is stacked text sandwiched between 2 thin horizontal lines. The top line reads 60th Annual Meeting while the second line reads & ToxExpo • March 14–18, 2021, next the third line reads Orlando, Florida.

2021 Annual Meeting Session Proposals

The 2021 proposal submission period is now open. For the best chance of acceptance, be sure to follow the instructions and tips on the Proposal Submission Site. The submission proposal deadline is June 12, 2020.

Event Calendar

Visit the Calendar of Events page to sort by event type, organization, and more.