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Upcoming Events

SOT FDA December 2019 Colloquia

Register for the Upcoming SOT FDA Colloquium

Registration for the February 19 colloquium, “Route-to-Route Extrapolation in the 21st Century,” is now open. Attend in-person or through the live webcast.

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A rectangular, horizontal image where the background is a solid aqua color except the right-hand edge which contains thin wavy lines revealing a white color behind the Yellow color. Overlaid on the Yellow is the 2020 SOT Annual Meeting logo, which consists of a capital SOT in white and other text. The O in the SOT is only white on the right side as the left side contains four other colors swirling upward; these swirls do not quite close the circle of the O as each color ends slightly before the next color.  Next to the capital SOT is the year 2020 in text that is running vertically next to the SOT. Below the line containing the SOT 2020 are two lines of text separated by a long white horizontal line. The top line reads 59th Annual Meeting & ToxExpo while the second line reads Anaheim, California March 15–19.

Registration and Housing Still Open for the 2020 Annual Meeting

The registration deadline for the 2020 Annual Meeting is February 7. Housing reservation deadline is February 14.

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Event Calendar

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