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Career Advancement and Development Resources

On-Site Job Bank Center

As part of the Career Resource and Development (CRAD) services, the on-site Job Bank Center is located in the New Orleans Convention Center in Rooms 235 (Office) and 238 (Interview Rooms).

The Job Bank Center Hours:

Sunday 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
Monday 9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM–5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM–5:00 PM

The Society of Toxicology’s Career Resource and Development services include the Mentor Match program and Job Bank, special Job Bank amenities at the Annual Meeting, career development seminars, and employer ads in SOT’s newsletter, the Communiqué, which reaches the entire SOT membership and beyond.

Mentor Match Program

Be a Mentor, Mentee—or Both!

The Society of Toxicology recognizes the importance of mentoring in the scientific and professional development of its members. The Mentor Match program, available only to SOT members, connects mentees with potential mentors, who can provide advice on career path selection, professional development, and life/work balance issues. SOT members are encouraged to share their professional knowledge and experience by serving as mentors for colleagues and for the next generation of toxicologists. The SOT Annual Meeting provides a great opportunity for the mentor and mentee to meet in person. We strongly encourage members of the Society to visit the Mentor Match site and register online as mentors and/or mentees.

SOT Job Bank

Free Job Search for SOT Members!

The Society’s online Job Bank is easy for candidates and employers alike to access any time, any place via the SOT website under the Careers tab.

This free service allows job candidates to browse and search open employment positions in toxicology and other closely related fields.

The SOT Job Bank makes it easy to:

  • Post and search open employment positions
  • Gauge employment opportunities
  • Determine potential qualifications for your next career step
  • Contact job seekers or employers

SOT Members can browse and search all positions posted in the Job Bank free of charge. The online Job Bank lists positions available at corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and private research organizations. Employers rely on this online service to provide them with a robust database of candidates available for career opportunities ranging from junior- to senior-level positions.

The Job Bank helps focus the hiring process for candidates and employers. SOT Members and users can gain access to a variety of positions suited to their experience, areas of expertise, and desired geographical location. In addition, job seekers can see which sectors are hiring and stay abreast of new and emerging fields. Employers can attract potential candidates in a targeted and cost-effective manner through this SOT service. SOT Corporate Affiliates receive a reduced rate for position posting in appreciation for supporting the Society in achieving its objectives.

Job Seeker Registration for SOT Online Job Bank

Candidate Types Fees
SOT Member $ 0
Non-SOT Member $80
Non-SOT Member—Postdoctoral $45
Non-SOT Member—Student $30

Employer Registration for SOT Online Job Bank

Employer Types Fees
SOT Affiliate $220
Corporation $440
University or Government $110
Nonprofit Organization $110

Annual Meeting On-Site Job Bank Services

Located in the New Orleans Convention Center, on-site Job Bank services provides Annual Meeting attendees with access to the SOT Job Bank system and facilitates face-to-face interviews. Attendees interested in learning more about using the Job Bank to facilitate your job search or employee recruitment are welcome to come to the Job Bank Office in Room 235. A bank of computers will be available in the SOT Job Bank Office for updating your account information, posting job openings, or browsing the system. If you are a candidate attending the Annual Meeting, you should bring multiple copies of your personal resume for interviews.

Employers recognize that the Annual Meeting On-Site Job Bank Center provides a cost-effective and efficient way to interview many different candidates in a central location. Employers and candidates may take advantage of the multiple spaces available for interviews in Room 238 of the convention center. Rooms are available to be scheduled in advance of the meeting or on-site, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact to make a reservation. Job seekers and employers are encouraged to use the SOT Job Bank year-round outside of the Annual Meeting, as new positions and candidates continuously use the service.

The center is available during the following hours of operation:

Sunday 1:00 PM–5:00 PM
Monday 9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM–5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM–5:00 PM

Online Job Bank access is always available through your personal computer and is also compatible with your mobile device. For additional information, contact Kevin Merritt at SOT Headquarters: 703.438.3115 ext. 1601.

SOT’s Career Development Program Track

To help you develop your near-term and long-term career path, plan on attending the Education-Career Development Sessions scheduled this year that will be of special interest to you.

Sessions include the following:

  • “Talksicology”: Effective Oral Presentation Techniques
  • The Evolution of the Postdoc: Transitioning from Trainee to Professional in the Modern Era

Employer Ads in SOT Communiqué

The Society’s newsletter/blog is disseminated each week and offers employers the opportunity to attract a pool of highly qualified candidates. It includes employment position advertisements from corporate, university, governmental, and nonprofit organizations wishing to reach the entire SOT membership and beyond. For more information, contact Marcia Lawson at SOT Headquarters: 703.438.3115 ext. 1446.