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An International Invitation to Attend

Scientists from around the world are invited to register for the 55th Annual Meeting, March 13–17, 2016. Please note that individual invitations are not required for attendance. Because the meetings are open scientific events, SOT extends an invitation to all interested individuals to attend.

Visa Information

If your travels require a visa, the US is advising visa applicants to apply at least three to four months in advance of their travel date. We request that you contact the United States Consulate/Embassy and Currency Exchange in your own country regarding documentation and necessary information for your visit to the United States.

The Society of Toxicology 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo has been registered with the International Visitors Office of The National Academies. If you have any problems regarding your visa applications, please report your case to them by completing their online questionnaire. To help them identify your case, please include the name of our Meeting (Society of Toxicology 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo) in the “Purpose of Visit” field on the questionnaire. The International Visitors Office can submit inquiries to the US Department of State about the status of visa applications that have been pending for 21 days or more. If you have any questions, please contact

If for visa purposes you need a formal invitation letter, you may request an invitation by sending your name, address, and fax number to the SOT Registration Department. If you have been accepted to make a presentation at the meeting, please include the name and date of your presentation. You will need to make your own hotel reservations and register for the meeting. If you need assistance, please contact the SOT Registration Department at tel: 703.438.3115, fax: 703.438.3113, or email SOT Headquarters.

Here are some sources of information to help you obtain a visa:

  • Travel.State.Gov
    A website designed with you in mind about current visa policies and procedures.
  • International Visitors Office of The National Academies
    For additional visa information, contact the International Visitors Office (IVO) of the National Academies of the Sciences at the above website. This should serve as a visa resource for all visiting scientists and scholars traveling to the United States. Additionally, a survey is available that can be used to assist future travelers with the visa process.
  • Make an Appointment
    To visit the US Embassy or Consulate. Make sure you ask if there are any fees required. Most fees must be paid before your appointment. Wait times for appointments may be longer than in the past. Schedule the appointment as soon as possible. Information on Visa wait times can be found at the US Department of State website.
  • Get Your Documents Ready
    Organize passport, applications, documents to support the application with employment details (reason for travel along with financial status), and proof of payment of fees.
  • Submit Your Application
    Send your application and passport along with supporting documents to the United States Embassy or Consulate.
  • Start Early
    Additional reviews may be required. This could add an additional four to six weeks to the processing time.