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Planning to Attend and What to Bring


Business casual. No coat or tie required! Bring comfortable clothing and shoes for walking the large conference center. Dress in layers, as meeting rooms sometimes fluctuate in temperature.


Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

The Henry B. González Convention Center and most of the SOT hotels are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you require special services, please let SOT know by indicating your needs while registering or by contacting Heidi Prange (703.438.3115).

To arrange special services, SOT recommends the following two providers for language and mobility needs.

LSA Interpretation Services
800.305.9673 | www.lsaweb.com
Language Services Associates is a nationwide full service firm providing translators and interpreters in 180 languages.

Scoot Around
888.441.7575 | www.scootaround.com
Scootaround Inc. is North America’s #1 source for wheelchair, scooter, and powerchair rentals.


Badges and Event Tickets



Safety and Security

Personal Safety

The best way to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid situations where you feel uncomfortable.

Walk “smart” when you leave the Henry B. González Convention Center:

  • Know your destination and the best way to reach it.
  • Carry bags, purses, and valuables in front of your body.
  • Travel along sidewalks in lighted areas at night and don’t walk alone.
  • Establish a “buddy” system with another meeting attendee. Share schedules and check on each other periodically.
  • Build your awareness of unknown surroundings by reviewing local information.
  • Laptop computers are attractive, easy targets for thieves. Be sure your laptop is in a secure place.
  • Jackets with pockets provide a convenient alternative for women to reduce the chance for lost or stolen handbags.


In Case of Protests

The possibility of demonstrators is very real given the nature of our conference. Events of this nature range from verbal confrontations, protests, and strikes to riots. We recommend the following procedures in the event of demonstrations:

  • To identify yourself as an official meeting attendee, always wear your name badge while in the Henry B. González Convention Center. When leaving the facility, remove your badge to appear to be a resident of the city. Avoid being distracted by your mobile phone.
  • If you see a demonstration or protest beginning, please contact any member of the SOT Annual Meeting staff and they will initiate an SOT response. If you see actions that appear threatening, notify the nearest security officer.
  • Do not engage, defend either side, or subdue person(s) in any type of disturbance. Demonstrators are usually trying to attract media attention. Don’t help them!
  • SOT representatives will respond to media inquires. Do not participate in interviews or other media responses.
  • In the unlikely event that outsiders disrupt a Scientific Session or other event, SOT security officials have well-developed contingency plans in place. Please follow directions from the chairperson and avoid becoming involved in the situation.

Visa Information

Tips for applying for a visa:

Start Early
The US is advising visa applicants to apply at least three to four months in advance of their travel date. Also, additional reviews may be required. This could add an additional four to six weeks to the processing time.

Gathering Your Application Materials
Organize your passport; necessary applications; supporting documents, including information on employment, reason for travel, and financial status; and proof of payment of fees. For more detailed information on visa requirements, consult the US Department of State’s Visa Site and the International Visitors Office of The National Academies.

Submitting Your Application
Make an appointment to visit your US Embassy or Consulate. Make sure you ask if there are any fees required. Most fees must be paid before your appointment. Wait times for appointments may be longer than in the past. Schedule the appointment as soon as possible. Information on visa wait times can be found at the US Department of State website.

The Society of Toxicology 57th Annual Meeting has been registered with the International Visitors Office of The National Academies. If you have any problems regarding your visa applications, please report your case to them by completing their online questionnaire. To help them identify your case, please include the name of our Meeting (Society of Toxicology 57th Annual Meeting) in the Purpose of Visit field on the questionnaire. The International Visitors Office can submit inquiries to the US Department of State about the status of visa applications that have been pending for 21 days or more. If you have any questions, please contact visas@nas.edu.

If you need a formal invitation letter for visa purposes, you may request an invitation by sending your name, address, and other contact information to the SOT Registration Department. If you have been accepted to make a presentation at the meeting, please include the name and date of your presentation. You will need to make your own hotel reservations and register for the meeting.