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Platform/Poster Session Chairs

Platform Session Chairperson Guidelines

Please consult and follow the Session Chair Standard Operating Procedures . You should review all of the abstracts in your session prior to the Annual Meeting. Session abstracts will be available for review in the SOT Online Planner beginning in January 2018 and the SOT Mobile Event App in February.

Prior to your session, please familiarize yourself with the emergency procedure instructions provided to you by SOT Headquarters. Should an emergency occur during your session, please remain calm and follow those instructions.

AV and Logistics Information

The audiovisual (AV) equipment will include a digital projector for slide presentations, a podium with microphone, and a floor microphone. During the session, make certain that all persons addressing a topic or question use the floor microphones provided and identify themselves by name and institution.

To minimize setup and transition delays, each presenter is encouraged to preload his/her presentations using the online speaker management site. All speakers receive specific instructions with their login, password, and web link to upload his/her presentation files.

Each presentation room is staffed with an AV technician, who will assist in starting each presentation, which has been loaded on the computer in the meeting room. Once the presentation is launched, the speaker will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse and/or keyboard, which will also be used in lieu of a laser pointer. At the conclusion of the event, all files will be destroyed, and the computer hard drives will be reformatted. The computers in the presentation rooms will be Windows 7-based PCs with Microsoft PowerPoint® (Office 2013 installed).

Speaker Ready Room

If a presenter needs technical assistance with a presentation on-site, needs help uploading it, or is having compatibility issues, the PSAV staff in the Speaker Ready Room (Room 305) is available for assistance.

Each speaker is encouraged to utilize the Speaker Ready Room to make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly on-site. They can also edit their presentations up to two hours prior to the start of their session.

Poster Session Chairperson Guidelines


The primary objective of the Poster Session is to foster and encourage discussion and debate of important scientific questions relevant to the major themes of the session. Secondary objectives include providing specific feedback to the authors concerning their data and its interpretation and to foster interchange between the presenters and observers of the poster material.


Poster Sessions are comprised of related abstracts, which are presented in a poster format. There can be anywhere from 10 to 40 abstracts programmed together under one of several themes. Authors are assigned a specific time to be present at their posters, during which the viewers can discuss the work with them on a one-to-one or small group basis. There is no formal discussion period, but chairpersons are expected to attend and foster discussion among the authors and the viewers. Since the majority of abstracts presented at the meeting will be scheduled in this format, the role of the chairperson is extremely important.

Preparation before the Annual Meeting

Chairpersons will be assigned to each Poster Session before the Annual Meeting and should have some degree of expertise in the theme being presented. The abstracts to be presented during the Poster Sessions can be downloaded by using the SOT Online Planner and SOT Mobile Event App prior to the meeting. It is highly recommended that the chairperson be familiar with the abstracts being presented during his/her Poster Session.

Chairpersons are encouraged to contact their colleagues to inform them of the Poster Session and the major themes and to ask that they attend the session. These colleagues should have specific expertise in the major areas being addressed, and when possible, new investigators specifically should be invited.

Responsibilities during the Poster Session

Interact with each poster presenter.
Welcome the author’s participation and make him/her more comfortable at the presentation. This function is particularly important when the poster’s author is a new or young investigator.

Encourage attendees to view the posters.
Guide viewers to posters that will be of particular interest to them, and foster discussions between attendees and authors.

Guide experts to relevant posters.
Expert feedback is important to presenting authors. Again, this function is particularly important when the author is a new or younger investigator.

Serve as a bridge between authors of different posters.
Often, presenting authors are not able to review other posters at the same session because they are committed to standing by their own poster during this session. Help facilitate the interact between presenting authors.

Check all displayed materials for appropriateness.
Photographs that depict inhumane treatment of animals are not permitted and must be removed if necessary. If there are any questions regarding the appropriateness of any presented material, contact the SOT Office.

Ensure posters are attended by authors.
It is expected that each board will be attended by the presenter or alternate during the assigned author presenting time block. Any unattended displays should be listed on your session evaluation form.

Solicit feedback from presenters and attendees.
The Scientific Program Committee asks that you inquire of those participating in your session for comments, concerns, and suggestions to improve the Annual Meeting. Any information received should be noted on your Chairperson Evaluation Form (sent electronically by SOT Headquarters).

Keep it clean.
Make sure that the area around your session is kept clean and free of refuse.

Presentation Information

All accepted poster abstracts will be programmed into all-day Poster Sessions.

Presenting author poster attendance times are assigned by blocks. Assigned attendance times are available in the SOT final Program, the SOT Mobile Event App, and with the Poster Session chairs. Presenters are required to stand by their posters during their assigned 90-minute attendance time block. The four time blocks are:

  • Block A: 9:15–10:45 AM
  • Block B: 10:45 AM–12:15 PM
  • Block C: 1:30–3:00 PM
  • Block D: 3:00–4:30 PM

Poster Mounting Information

The presenting author of each poster abstract is responsible for the proper assembly, mounting, and presentation of his/her poster.

Presenters will be allowed to begin mounting their display on their assigned board per the following schedule:


Poster Display Times

Begin mounting posters

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 9:15 AM–4:30 PM 7:30 AM
Thursday 8:30 AM–11:30 AM 8:00 AM

Poster presentations have unique identifying numbers known as the abstract number (also known as abstract final ID number). Abstract numbers do not specify poster board locations. Presentations have separate poster board numbers. Poster presentations are mounted on pre-numbered boards throughout the Exhibit Hall. The final Program and SOT Mobile Event App include an Exhibit Hall layout listing both the poster board number preceded by the abstract final ID number. Poster board numbers are preceded by a “P.” Example: 279–P101, reflecting Abstract #279 and Poster Board Number P101.

Presenters should display posters ONLY on the assigned date. Posters must be removed immediately at the end of each day, so that the boards may be prepared for the next day’s Poster Sessions.

All-Day Poster Sessions FAQ

Why is SOT changing from the previous format (morning and afternoon Poster Sessions) to an all-day format?

Based on attendee comments in the Annual Meeting surveys, many attendees were often unable to attend Poster Sessions due to busy schedules. SOT leadership agreed to follow other scientific society models and offer all-day Poster Sessions to maximize the experience of all attendees.

Will authors be asked to attend their posters all day?

No. Presenting authors will be assigned one of four 90-minute time blocks to attend their posters, but the poster will remain displayed for the entire day.

The four 90-minute time blocks:

Block A: 9:15 to 10:45 AM
Block B: 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM
Block C: 1:30 to 3:00 PM
Block D: 3:00 to 4:30 PM

The presenting authors are encouraged to include an email address or other contact information in their poster so attendees who view the poster when the author is not in attendance can contact the authors with questions or other information.

All authors in a single Poster Session as defined by topic (e.g., Carcinogenesis, Metals, etc.) will be assigned to the same time block so that attendees interested in that topic have access to the authors at the same time. In addition, the Scientific Program Committee will ensure that no Scientific Sessions, including Platform Sessions, related to a specific topic are occurring during the same time period as the author-attended block for that topic.

How will the four different author-attended time blocks be defined in the printed materials and in the SOT Mobile Event App?

As in previous years, the Program, SOT Mobile Event App, and other materials will include annotations and keys to indicate the author-attended time periods. In addition, signs will be placed on the ToxExpo floor to explain and define the time blocks.

What time in the morning should authors mount their posters?

Authors may enter the ToxExpo as early as 7:30 AM to mount their posters. As always, pushpins will be provided.

What time in the afternoon should authors remove their posters?

Poster “tear down” will occur between 4:15 and 5:00 PM Monday through Wednesday.

What if an author forgets to remove his or her poster in the afternoon?

On Monday and Tuesday, posters that are left on the boards after 5:00 pm will be placed in a poster retrieval area near that Poster Session’s presentation area and can be picked up by the author the following morning. Any posters in the retrieval area that are unclaimed by 10:00 am the day following the poster presentation will be destroyed.

On Wednesday, posters left on the boards after 5:00 pm will be removed and placed on tables outside the ToxExpo entrance. Any posters unclaimed by 10:00 am on Thursday will be destroyed.

How will author compliance to the all-day poster policy be monitored?

Authors are required to have their poster mounted on the board for the entirety of the all-day Poster Session. Four Poster Chairs will be assigned to each Poster Session (one per time slot) to monitor the sessions (including monitoring for photography, which is not allowed of posters without the express permission of the author) and to note any empty boards.

What if my poster is programmed for presentation on Thursday?

Only late-breaking posters will be programmed for Thursday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.