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Members and Groups


This page is for members and nonmembers alike. If you’re a member, you can update your profile, renew your dues, sponsor an individual for membership, or volunteer. If you’re not a member, you can discover the benefits of joining SOT and complete your application. 


This is the online, private community for SOT members, where they can access the complete membership directory, connect with other members, engage with their groups and committees, and share content. 

Regional Chapters

SOT Regional Chapters give individuals interested in engaging in toxicology issues of importance to their state or region of the US a chance to engage with other local toxicologists through meetings and communications. 

Special Interest Groups

SOT Special Interest Groups serve the interests of populations with unique needs on the basis of common ethnicity, country of origin, and gender regarding the science of toxicology. 

Specialty Sections

SOT Specialty Sections allow individuals to connect with other scientists who are interested in the same disciplines and fields of toxicology as they are through Annual Meeting activities, webinars, and other means.   


SOT maintains a robust community of postdoctoral members, who are led by the Postdoctoral Assembly Leadership. This group focuses on developing activities and resources that benefit postdoctoral scientists.    

Graduate Students

Graduate students members contribute the Society in a number of ways through programs aimed at furthering their careers and science. They are led by the Graduate Student Leadership Committee.  

Undergraduate Students

SOT membership begins at the graduate level, but through this program, undergraduate students are able to connect with the Society and get access to toxicology internship opportunities, mentorship, and more.