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Educational Outreach

If you are a toxicologist and would like to introduce toxicology to tomorrow’s scientists (grades K–12), you can find more information at SOT’s website. Guidance is also available for teachers in the Educators section.

At the next annual SOT meeting, why not arrive a day early and participate in the Undergraduate Education Program? Meet and mentor a diverse group of undergraduates from all over the US and Puerto Rico. This program is designed to allow college students who are educationally underserved in the area of toxicology a chance to meet toxicologists and experience the national SOT meeting. It provides an opportunity to meet your future scientific colleagues, and it's also a great way to network with other mentors from government, academic, and industry backgrounds. For an opportunity to apply as a mentor in this program, please contact SOT’s Betty Eidemiller for more information. Multiple members from NCSOT participate in this annual event.

SOT also offers opportunities to provide lectures on careers in toxicology to undergraduate students through the ToxScholar program. If you are interested in speaking to an undergraduate university, funds are available through an application available at SOT’s website. Revisit your alma mater or visit a local university.

Utilize the experience of US EPA scientists in your child’s classroom (pre-school through college) with the US EPA’s Speakers Bureau which is served by NCSOT members, among other US EPA scientists. They conduct science projects or give lectures on US EPA work. More information can be found on the US EPA website.

Locally available educational outreach materials for toxicology include Tox in a Box, a “field kit” for the classroom containing materials and instructions for educational activities for various age groups (K–12). If you would like to use Tox in a Box, or if you’ve previously participated in educational outreach activities and would like to share your experiences, please contact Chad Blystone.

New Tox Town-Based Curriculum Units Available

Discovering the Connection: Your Environment, Your Health is an educational resource for students and teachers providing. a science classroom or in an interdisciplinary program that connects science and society.

Lessons and activities of the curriculum combine research on the Tox Town website with hands-on experiments and communication and social action activities. The objective is to introduce students to environmental health issues in their everyday lives, emphasizing the relevance of science to informed citizenship.

The topics of the six curriculum units are: water quality; air quality; chemicals in your home; food safety; runoff, impervious surfaces, and smart development; and a debate on bottled water versus tap water in your school.

The curriculum was developed as collaboration between the National Library of Medicine (NLM), University of Maryland College of Education, and an inter-disciplinary group of middle school teachers. It is based on National Science Education Standards and is grounded in problem-based learning.


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