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Spring 2021

The spring edition of our NCAC-SOT Newsletter has arrived – We hope it will brighten your quarantine a little. Highlights include:

  • Messages from NCAC-SOT Executive Board Members
  • NCAC-SOT Executive Board Member contact information
  • NCAC-SOT Activities Update, including Meeting reports
  • Our virtual winter symposium and our SOT virtual reception/mixer
  • The outreach activities of the Chapter
  • Our members accomplishments and awards

The NCAC-SOT Newsletter is published twice a year and serves as a regular means of communication for the members of our Chapter. The Newsletter is distributed via e-mail in pdf format and will be posted on the web page .

This is my last newsletter. You are encouraged to contact our new NCAC-SOT Newsletter Editor, Ms. Abigail McEwen, and share your ideas, comments, or contributions to our newsletter. The materials to be included in the Newsletter should be sent by the following dates:

  • February 1st (for the Spring edition)
  • September 1st (for the Fall edition)

Prior to each newsletter issue, you will receive emails requesting contributions to the following sections of the newsletter:

  • “Members Accomplishment Corner”, where we share your accomplishments (publications, book chapters, presentations at local/national/international meetings)
  • “What’s New in Toxicology?”, where we host columns authored by the members of the NCAC-SOT who would like to share about exciting projects they are working on, or published about, maybe new trends in toxicology pertaining to their area of expertise, impressions on meetings they attended and that were of interest to them and their group, etc.
  • We welcome pictures of our members to accompany any submission to the newsletter.

Should you have any questions regarding the NCAC-SOT Newsletter, please contact the Editor at the email provided above.

I wish you all an excellent Spring and a great Summer and look forward to reading your accomplishments in future editions of the newsletter.

Thank you,

Frederic Moulin
Outgoing NCAC-SOT Newsletter Editor

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Welcome to NCAC’s New Officers

The NCAC Spring 2021 Newsletter is now available; click here to access.