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ASIO Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

ASIO Reception Committee

Chair: President
Co-Chair: Vice President


  • Plan for ASIO reception (venue, food etc) and prepare slides for reception.
  • Orchestrate the reception during annual meeting.

ASIO Annual Meeting Student Events (Chat with Toxpert and Coffee hour)

  • Chat with Toxpert: Led by Postdoc rep with the help of Student Rep
  • Coffee hour: Led by Student Rep with the help of Postdoc rep
  • EC Liaison: Secretary/Treasurer


Chat with Toxpert

  • Apply for CRAD funding
  • Suggest possible topics of students’ interests and panelists to the EC.
  • Contact panelists, schedule time and date for the events.
  • Communicate with ASIO members to get RSVP.
  • Get questions from interested attendees.
  • Prepare possible lead questions for panelists and facilitate the event during ASIO.

Coffee hour

  • Few months before annual meeting, contact the ASIO members to recruit interested mentors and mentees.
  • Match mentor/mentees’ interest/expertise and introduce matched mentor and mentee to schedule their ‘coffee hour’ per their mutual convenience.

ASIO Sponsorship/Endowment Committee

Chair: President
Co-Chair: Vice President
Volunteers: Volunteering interest from ASIO membership is encouraged


  • Seek sponsorships for ASIO events/awards.
  • Identify possible opportunities to increase current endowment funds, general funds or create new fund with donations.

ASIO Awards Committee

Chair: Senior Councilor
Co-Chair: Junior Councilor
Volunteers: Volunteering interest from ASIO membership is encouraged


  • Ensure award page on ASIO website is up-to-date (communicate with outreach committee to update the website if needed),
  • Send award announcements & receive a’ score and rank the applications for award.
  • Coordinate with SOT for award amount to be disbursed to the awardees.
  • Ensure certificates or plaques are available.

Webinar Committee

Chair: Secretary/ treasurer
Co-Chair: Postdoc representative
Volunteers: Volunteering interest from ASIO membership is encouraged


  • Propose webinar topic to EC.
  • Solicitate the speaker.
  • Apply for any funding available from SOT (CRAD).
  • Coordinate with SOT for setting up the date.
  • Send announcements to membership.
  • Host the webinar/s.

ASIO Outreach Committee (ASIO Website, LinkedIn and Facebook)

Chair: Post-Doc Representative
Co-Chair: Student Representative
Volunteers: Volunteering interest from ASIO membership is encouraged
EC liaison to SOT: President


  • Maintains and updates the ASIO website, ASIO LinkedIn and Facebook Page periodically to keep the members informed about its activities.
  • Communicates with SOT Liaison to update the ASIO website by June 1 and update it time to time if necessary.
  • Postdoc student rep will be responsible for posting announcements on LinkedIn page of ASIO-SOT.
  • Student Rep will be responsible for maintaining Facebook page and posting timely announcements.

ASIO Newsletter Committee

Editor: Tarana Arman (2-year term)
Associate editor: Rashmi Pathak (2-year term)
Volunteers: Student and Postdoc representative will be by default members of this committee. If volunteer Editor and Associate Editor are not recruited, Student and postdoc representatives, respectively, will serve in these positions. Volunteering interest from ASIO membership is encouraged
EC liaison: Senior Councilor


  • The voice of ASIO—A vibrant committee publishing quarterly updates about ASIO activities and its members’ achievements.
  • ASIO publishes at least 3 newsletter issues each year (One after SOT meeting in May–June, second in August–September, and third in January–Febuary).
  • Responsible for drafting the newsletter issues with topics that are relevant to ASIO membership.

SIG-Collaboration Committee

Appointed representatives: President and Vice President


  • Represent ASIO at Special Interest Groups-Collaboration Committee.
  • Collaborate and exchange information between various special interest groups within SOT.

Past-Presidents Committee (Ad-hoc)

Chair: Immediate Past President


  • Advise the ASIO EC on contemporary issues.
  • This committee is comprised of ASIO Past presidents.
  • Harness experience and ideas of Past Presidents to increase impact and contribution of ASIO towards its membership.

Proposal Review Committee

Chair: Vice President
Co-Chair: VP-Elect
All members of EC vote


  • Receive and review SOT CE and Program proposals.
  • Review scientific session proposals including symposia, workshops, roundtable discussions, informational sessions, career-development sessions submitted to ASIO.

Election Committee

Chair: Past President
Co-Chair: Vice President-Elect


  • Recruit and identify candidates for ASIO EC.
  • Send email to ASIO group asking for interested candidates.
  • Compile the biosketches and submit those to SOT for ballot.
  • Send out voting ballots to the members.
  • Collect the results from SOT and announce the results.

Membership Committee

Chair: Vice President-Elect
Co-Chair: Junior Councilor


  • Devise strategies to increase ASIO membership.
  • Advertise about ASIO membership-benefits.

SOT Award Nomination Committee

Chair: Vice President
Co-Chair: Vice President-Elect
Volunteers: Past-President can be a very good resource and can act in advisory role. Recruit at least 2 more volunteers from the membership.


  • Identify deserving candidates for various SOT awards from ASIO membership and help to file a strong application for them.
  • Act as a catalyst for ASIO members’ award applications except student and postdoc awards.
  • Screen the list of SOT awards and search for potential candidates for those awards.

To find the 2020–2021 ASIO Officers and contact information, please check the Officers page.

If you are interested in volunteering and contributing to the ASIO team or if you have any suggestions, please contact the ASIO President.