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Student/Postdoc Mentoring Program

“Let your curiosity override your anxiety” is the motto of our Student/Postdoc Mentoring Programs. ASIO's mentoring initiatives are designed to provide an informal platform for students and postdocs to have a chat with experts in toxicology from diverse fields on multiple career paths in Toxicology. For the past several years, mentoring programs have been successfully offered by ASIO with great impact on attending mentees over the year.


Every year ASIO organizes “Lunch & Learn” as “Career Talk with Toxpert” to provide a more relaxed evening hour to chat with experts in toxicology. Because determining where and how to start career search is a difficult and daunting task for many students and postdocs, “Chat with Toxpert” features a panel discussion with professionals from government, academic, and industry. Panelists will discuss their jobs, their path in gaining their position, answering questions and concerns about careers in toxicology. This will be a great networking platform for graduate students and postdocs to engage themselves in discussion with accomplished experts and fellow colleagues to get a different perspective of career paths and invaluable advice.

To take the advantage of this opportunity, mentees please contact the Graduate Student Representative. Seating is limited to 30 seats only. Only students/post–docs who are committed and interested are encouraged to RSVP for this event by Feb 15th of the current year.

Also, send us two questions along with the RSVP for this event. This would help us better cover topics of interest, and engage in discussion that would be of common relevance.

ASIO also offers “Coffee Hour” to students, a less formal and more convenient way to network with experts in their fields by meeting over coffee. Students can have one to one interaction with mentors to glean from their knowledge and insight on theory, research, and how to make oneself marketable for a future job. Interested students can contact the Graduate Student Representative by February 15th of the current year. Mentors and mentees will be matched according to similarities in research interests and career aspirations.


For continued successful outcome of this interactive, learning, and engaging session we seek mentor offering wisdom and sharing their experience. Mentors should have professional experience, willingness to share insights in the profession to help guide the mentee and availability to meet a mentee for 30–45 minutes at the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in mentoring, please email the Postdoctoral Representative by February 15th of the current year.