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Trailblazer Podcast

We are pleased to announce ‘Trailblazer’ initiative of ASIO which will bring the experience and wisdom of our experienced and successful toxicologist/scientist to the ASIO members. This initiative is formally launched in March, 2021. We believe this initiative will serve as a scope of impetus and true sense of inspiration for many young scientists and especially toxicologists around the world.

In conversation with Dr. Sanjay Chanda (January, 2021)

Dr. Sanjay Chanda is a Chief Development Officer at AN2 Therapeutics. Previously, Dr. Chanda served as Chief Development Officer at Tioma Therapeutics, and co-founded Auration, Inc., an early-stage pharmaceutical company focused on treating chronic hearing loss in humans. Prior to his CDO role at Tioma Therapeutics, Dr. Chanda was the Senior Vice President of Drug Development at Anacor Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pfizer). He has held leadership positions at NeurogesX, Inc., Cerus Corporation, and PPD-Development. He is a truly enthusiastic scientist and entrepreneur, who has had a lot of experience in the field of toxicology and drug development. We are sure this podcast with him talking about his entrepreneurial ventures will ignite our minds and also inculcate a clear sense of understanding on the combination of business and science. Dr. Chanda was also Councilor of first Executive Committee of ASIO during 2006-2007.