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American Association of Chinese in Toxicology (AACT)

President’s Message

Kan Shoa

Dear AACT members:

I am greatly honored and humbled to serve as the 2024–2025 AACT President and appreciate this opportunity to serve our AACT community.

This year, our major focus can be summarized by three pivotal themes: Excellence, Visibility, and Connection. We will continue the excellent work established by previous AACT leadership; we will enhance the visibility of Chinese toxicologists through scientific webinars, forums, workshops, and award nominations; and we will be committed to strengthen bonds between AACT members (trainees, academic professors, and government/industrial scientists) within the AACT ecosystem as well as between AACT and our industrial sponsors, other SOT Component Groups, and the overarching SOT leadership.

Specifically, I will be leading the AACT fundraising and outreach initiatives, SOT proposal endorsement, and AACT meetings/activities. Dr. Xuefei Cao as the President-Elect will facilitate the nomination of AACT members for SOT awards. Dr. Kan Shao, our Past President, will lead the nominations of new AACT Officers and support AACT fundraising activities. Dr. Lili Tang, our Secretary, will organize AACT webinars and annual AACT Reception. Dr. Miao Li, our Treasurer, will manage the AACT award nominations and reviews and support AACT membership and fundraising efforts. Dr. Xiaoling Zhang, Councilor, will organize the AACT Annual Career Workshop. Dr. Si Chen, Councilor, will direct joint activities between AACT and SOT Specialty Sections. Dr. Qiran Chen, our Postdoctoral Representative, and Zhenning Yang, our Student Representative, will manage the AACT newsletter, website, and trainee activities.

The vigor and success of AACT relies on the participation and engagement of each AACT member. We greatly appreciate your continuous support. I look forward to working with you all to make 2024-2025 a prosperous, productive, and excellent year for AACT.

Warm regards,

Shuo Xiao, PhD

AACT President (2024–2025)