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Federico Leonardo Sinche Chele, PhD

Contact info:

Dr. Sinche is an Assistant Professor in the School of Biological Sciences and Engineering at Yachay University in Ecuador, where his research focuses on toxicology, analytical chemistry, and nanotechnology. His interdisciplinary research identifies, assesses, and addresses contaminants in the environment, which is not only relevant, but necessary with current global environmental changes. He is interested in research that can be translated to policy and regulations to protect human health and environments at risk at the local and global level.

Dr. Sinche teaches a wide range of biology-related courses at the undergraduate level, including courses in animal biology, developmental biology, genetics, biogeography, ecology, environmental regulations as well as in toxicology and nanobiotechnology. Dr. Sinche has also served as a tutor of undergraduate thesis and member of thesis committees.

Dr. Sinche received his doctorate in Zoology with emphasis on Toxicology from Southern Illinois University in 2018 and started working in higher education in the same year in Ecuador. Dr. Sinche has served on the Academic Panel at the Ecuadorian Higher Education Agency (Senescyt) (2019–present), on the Undergraduate Research Panel at Southern Illinois University (2016–2017; 2017–2018), on the Biomedical Device Panel at Yachay University (2020-present) and has acted as vice-president and co-founder of the SACNAS Chapter at Oregon State University (2012–2013). He is author and co-author of 15 peer-reviewed articles in his areas of expertise. His most recent paper “Biomedical Science to Tackle the COVID-19 Pandemic: Current Status and Future Perspectives” focused on innovative approaches to address the current global pandemic. He has been a member of the SOT since 2009 and has served on the Committee on Diversity Initiatives (2016–2017), Graduate Student Leadership Committee (2014– 2015–2016), Volunteer Committee for continuing education courses (2012–2013; 2013–2014; 2014–2015; 2015–2016), Communication and Education Committees at the HOT (2013-2016), and as a Graduate Student Representative at the HOT (2014–2015; 2015–2016). In 2013, Dr. Sinche received the HOT Travel Award to attend the annual SOT meeting.

He is interested in continuing to work on the initiatives supported by the Hispanic Organization of Toxicologist to foster toxicological opportunities and awareness among students and professionals of Hispanic and Portuguese origin.

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