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Toxicologists of African Origin (TAO)

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President’s Message

Dear esteemed TAO colleagues,

It is indeed a great honor to be the face of Toxicologists of African Origin as President for the 2020-2021 year. Our membership has increased appreciably from the last general meeting and reception in Baltimore 2019 due to the commendable efforts of Past Presidents - Sidney Green, Daryl Hood and my predecessor Abdel Kadry that has kept TAO on the move! Although we were unable to have a face to face meeting this year, we continue to record an encouraging increase in membership.

We want to acknowledge the “new normal” due to the COVID-19 pandemic that we have to navigate through and it is my fervent hope that you and your families will keep being safe and well. These are no doubt challenging times as we figure out the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on research funding and output. Our resilience in the face of this pandemic is commendable and TAO is with you all through this. We look forward to an exciting time in TAO in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and hope to continue on the impressive legacies of preceding councils.

The operational foundation for my administration is “Promoting the Science of Toxicology on the African Continent.” This aspiration is borne out of the mandate of SOT in providing a global template for the practice of the science of toxicology. We will continue to strengthen and enrich the legacies of previous councils in the “Each One to Reach One” initiative to further increase the global reach and visibility of TAO. The “Passing the Baton” initiative has achieved a lot in bringing our young and vibrant graduate and postdoctoral scholars into the TAO fold and we hope to strengthen this initiative further by connecting this exciting group of young academics with more senior colleagues in the academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations and industry to enhance their research training and outputs. We therefore intend to harness the enormous talents of our early career and graduate candidates to grow our SIG.

Our past presidents have volunteered their time and resources to help grow our Special Interest Group and are passionate about building capacity in the Toxicological and Allied Sciences in Africa as we continue to build on the foundational aspirations of SOT as a global organization.

On behalf of TAO, I wish you all a safe and pleasant rest of the year with good health wherever you may be. We remain confident that we will pull through this and a brighter day will come. At that time, I look forward to interacting with you all individually and collectively as we navigate the terrain of another year and beyond!

Aina O. Adeogun, PhD.
TAO 2020–2021 President