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CVSS Award Deadlines:

Student Travel Award - December 30

Roger O. McClellan Student Endowment Award - Comparative and Veterinary SS - January 14


1991–1992: Informal meetings and a mixer sponsored by the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology and the American Academy of Veterinary Comparative Toxicology stimulated discussion concerning the desirability and possibility of forming a Veterinary Specialty Section. An ad hoc committee consisting of C Val R. Beasley, Gerry M. Henningsen, Loren D. Koller, Roger O. McClellan, Frederick W. Oehme, and Carl. T. Olson spearheaded the effort to develop a new veterinary specialty section within the Society of Toxicology.

1993: The Veterinary Specialty Section (VSS) was formally created by the Society of Toxicology. Dr. Loren Koller was the founding President of the specialty section.

1994: First annual meeting of the Veterinary Specialty Section

1998: The specialty section’s name was formally changed to the Comparative and Veterinary Specialty Section (CVSS) to emphasize the broad interests of its members beyond veterinary toxicology


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