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Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Specialty Section

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for visiting SOT's Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Specialty Section (RSESS) website! The mission of RSESS is to promote the development of sound governmental policies and regulations based on contemporary scientific knowledge stemming from the disciplines encompassed by toxicology. Most importantly, RSESS provides a forum for the interaction of SOT members to discuss the impact of regulations, guidelines, and guidance on the practice of toxicology and the safety evaluation of food additives, nutraceuticals, therapeutic drug products and environmental, industrial and household chemicals and other products of concern. To sum, our work embodies SOT's mission to create a safer and healthier world by advancing defensible science and increasing the impact of toxicology.

RSESS is currently the largest specialty section of SOT. Our members include toxicologists at all stages of their careers (including trainees) and are employed by various sectors, including government, private industry, and academia. We strive to integrate toxicological findings into risk assessments so that regulatory efforts will be scientifically-based, peer reviewed, helpful to stakeholders, easily communicated, and protective of public health and the environment.

We are very proud of our popular “RSESS Student Travel Award Program” which encourages graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with research applicable to regulatory toxicology or safety evaluation to apply for RSESS travel awards (23 applicants/7 selected in 2016). However, we are renaming this single award announcement and separating it into the following 2 award categories: “RSESS Graduate Student Excellence Award” and “RSESS Postdoc Excellence Award”. These awards can help the recipients to defray the cost of attending the SOT Annual Meeting. We are also pleased to inform you that RSESS launched its first “Best Published Paper Award“ by our past president, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, in 2016 and we will continue it for coming years under a new title “Best Paper of the Year Award”. For more details on requirements and deadlines related to these awards, please visit this website's “Awards” section and/or contact any of the members of RSESS' Executive Committee.

As we embark on a new year, we are very excited to continue our existing efforts and add new ones:

  • Host a mentoring event at the next SOT National Meeting
  • Develop webinars, global meetings and non-SOT meetings
  • Promote our dialogue with researchers and regulators around the world by creating an “International Liaison” position to interface with RSESS' Executive Committee
  • Provide our membership with information on past and current events through our newsletter
  • Continue our Graduate Student, Postdoc and Best Published Paper awards programs
  • Explore mechanisms to engage our membership in RSESS activities
  • Consider and develop media training for our members
  • Encourage a closer interface and partnership with other SOT Specialty Sections
  • Look into a risk assessment certification process
  • Continue our annual “Global Breakfast Session” and “Great Debate” on emerging scientific/regulatory topics

I am very fortunate for being surrounded with such a stellar RSESS Executive Committee members: Marie Fortin (Vice President), Anne Loccisano (Vice President Elect), Mike Dourson (Past President), Amy Roe (Secretary-Treasurer), Norman Kim (Councilor), Monique Williams (Graduate Student Representative) and Greg Smith (Post-Doc Representative). Big thanks to Suzanne Fitzpatrick (Past President), Annette Koerner (Secretary-Treasurer/Councilor) and Joe Cichocki (Post-Doc Representative) for their valuable contribution, dedication and leadership as they rotate off our Executive Committee. And, last and most of all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the members of RSESS Proposals Review Committee, Co-chaired by Elizabeth Vancza and Robert Budinsky, for undertaking such a monumental task reviewing, scoring and ranking all the incoming proposals for symposia, workshops and CE courses (a total of 116 in 2016).

As always, we will be delighted to invite you participate in any of above listed efforts and feel free to contact any of our officers and councilors with your thoughts, suggestions, and/or recommendations. You continued support will be vital to maintain RSESS' reputation and accomplishments for the coming year.

Be well!

Edward V. Ohnian, Ph.D.

June 2017

—The mission of the Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Specialty Section of the SOT is to promote the development of sound governmental policies and regulations based on contemporary scientific knowledge arising from the disciplines encompassed by toxicology.