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Undergraduate Student Affiliate Application

The Undergraduate Student Affiliate status is a special way for undergraduate students to participate in the activities of the Society of Toxicology. Undergraduate Student Affiliates receive special information of interest to undergraduates, participate in a ToXchange community, and can access resources such as the CEd-Tox online courses. There is no fee for the affiliate status and undergraduates retain this status until their graduation. Undergraduate Student Affiliate applications are accepted at any time.

Undergraduate Student Affiliate Eligibility

  • Are enrolled in an academic program leading to a bachelor’s degree, or in the first year of a formal postbaccalaureate research position.
  • Have an interest in toxicology or related biomedical sciences, and
  • Submit the information required on the form below.
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SOT may ask you to participate in surveys or may send notices about special events at the Annual Meeting or about other opportunities of particular interest to students. In addition, SOT may provide your email address to graduate schools or research and summer program sponsors.

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