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NLM Environmental Health Student Portal—Middle school students can find many resources about environmental health on this section of the National Library of Medicine’s website. Conduct experiments and explore games about chemicals, air and water pollution, and climate change and other topic concerning the relationship of the environment and human health.

Camp BIOmed—The Northwest Association for Biomedical Research is hosting Camp BIOmed, four one-week experiences for student grades 9–12 who enjoy gaming and doing things themselves. Learn what it is like to be a scientist!

  • Bioethics thru Gaming
  • Do It Yourself Lab with Neuroscience
  • Protein FoldIt! Be a Citizen Scientist
  • Lab Intensive Experience

Risk Bites—A new video is added to Risk Bites every week, short whiteboard talks on the science of risk. What makes things dangerous? Check these out videos for the answer.

Scrub Club—Join the Scrub Club and learn how to do a good job of washing hands and why it is so important. Webisodes, games, biographies of villain microbes, and other activities are fun and informational for students K–4.

National Library of Medicine (NLM) Tox Town—Explore the city, town, farm, port, and the US border and Southwest through this interactive site provided by the NLM.

NIEHS Kids Page—The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences hosts a colorful site with lots of interesting information, games, career snapshots, experiments, and other fun things.

Connect a Million Minds—The Connectory lists science, technology, enigineering, and math opportunities by area.

Curious Young Writers—High school bloggers write about unique animal research models at curiousYOUNGwriters (cYw). This website is produced by high school bloggers to explore how researchers advance understanding of a specific disease, disorder, or medical condition. Watch the website for an opportunity to become a cYw blogger.

Careers in Biotechnology—Explore the many careers in biotechnology through the Careers in Biotechnology online module. Students will learn more about biotechnology, what types of fields are included in biotechnology, and how their skills and strengths can apply in one or multiple careers in biotechnology. Careers highlighted include Research and Development; Regulatory Affairs and Health and Safety; Sales, Marketing, and Technical Support; and Administration and Management.

What A Year!—What A Year! highlights the people who discover things. This site features a science breakthrough each month and gives some information about the people behind it. Teams of people may work for months or years to advance a piece of knowledge; they depend on the people who came before; they help the people who come later. Investigate the exciting stories behind these important discoveries.

Get Excited About Science!—See the true story of Rocket Boys of NIH who dreamed of building rockets and found a way to pursue their dream. There are lots of dreams to pursue in science! You can figure out a way to get involved in science—talk to your parents, talk to teachers, check at local museums, talk to scientists.

Terrific Science Flu Vaccine—With news stories about flu and vaccines in the media daily, kids (plus parents and teachers) need ways to learn the facts without fear, and have some fun doing it. These resources will help you find out more about the causes of seasonal and H1N1 flu and how to prevent the spread of these viruses.

Fun Facts

No color additives have been approved for injection into the skin—even though tattoo parlors often claim that the pigments in their inks are “FDA-approved.” Learn more about How Safe Color Additives Are.


Science Activities for Kids

Toxicology provides great examples for learning at all grade levels, and SOT provides materials and workshops for teachers. Learn more about activities for K–6 and 7–12.

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Take advantage of these resources to help keep our environment green and growing and our bodies and minds healthy and happy.

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