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2018: Issue 3 
Advancing Toxicology through Collaborations with Sister Societies
SOT is focused on continuing and increasing collaborations with sister toxicology societies, while also exploring engagement opportunities with other scientific disciplines and their organizations.
Exploring Advances in Predictive Toxicology to Reduce Adverse Children’s Health Outcomes
There is a growing need for research on the impact of environmental factors on human development and for actionable solutions to evaluate chemical toxicity, drug efficacy, and safety assessment impacting children’s health.
The Importance of Poster Presentations at Scientific Meetings: How to Make the Most of It
Presenting a poster during a scientific meeting can enhance your research, foster collaborative connections, and open the door to new career opportunities and trajectories.
Improving Rigor in Toxicology with Systematic Reviews
Drs. Wikoff and Miller discuss the merits of the systematic review, which they say helps remove natural biases and presents “a comprehensive and even-keeled analysis of the published literature.”
Career Profile: Dori Germolec’s Journey from Physical Anthropology to Immunotoxicology
Dr. Germolec describes how she transitioned from studying lemur behavior to researching how chemical exposures affect the immune system and offers advice for graduate students interested in pursuing toxicology careers.