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2018: Issue 4 
Networking, Mentoring, and Other Activities
Networking and mentoring have always been important activities to SOT, and Dr. Burns Naas shares how Council is working to strengthen them within the Society. Plus, updates on the Strategic Plan and ToxSci Editor-in-Chief search.
To Vape or Not to Vape: The Complicated Toxicity of E-cigarettes
As sales continue to increase in the teen and adult populations, one question remains unclear: What are the short- and long-term health effects of e-cigarette use?
Take Up the Challenges of the Future
With the creation of new Endowment Funds, Dr. Fowler hopes to support early-career toxicologists, preparing them to influence public health research and decision-making.
Peer Review: The Bedrock of Science
Dr. Miller discusses how constructive criticism, commentary, feedback, and discussion of results and interpretations through peer review are essential aspects of science.
Maximizing Engagement with FASEB
In 2017, SOT joined FASEB to increase the visibility of toxicology and to add SOT’s voice to those of many other life sciences societies on important matters of science policy.