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2019: Issue 2 
Implementing Changes to Enhance the Society
Changes are afoot! In his first President’s Message, Dr. Hines details some upcoming activities and how SOT Council has begun implementing the new Strategic Plan, including the creation of new committees.
With International Collaborations on the Rise, SOT Offers a Face-to-Face Research Exchange Opportunity
As toxicological issues such as persistent organic pollutants span beyond political and geographic borders to affect health on a global scale, opportunities for international collaborations will become increasingly important.
Keeping Connected: Social Media as a Networking Tool for Researchers
It can be tremendously valuable to have a trusted network with which to exchange ideas and research of interest. In this digital era, social media can provide an alternative to traditional, in-person networks.
The Value of Professional Association Membership
Research has found that the decision to join a professional association and retain or renew membership relates to benefits to the individual and benefits to the profession at large. Are you aware of all the benefits SOT offers?
An Emerging Class of Global Environmental Pollutants: The Perfluoroalkyl Substances
This SOT Tox Impact Statement examines the role toxicology and toxicologists have played in determining the environmental and public health effects of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances.