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The Society of Toxicology is a professional, scientific society dedicated to serving the needs of the scientific discipline and our more than 7,800 members to enhance human, animal, and environmental health.
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Press Releases
SOT TSCA Reform Activity

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the statute by which many chemicals in commerce are regulated in the United States, was passed in 1976 and has not been significantly updated since that time. Over the last few years, various members of the US Congress have attempted to update the act, and as a result, the Society formed a TSCA Task Force that has a goal of “ensuring that the science of toxicology and the application of risk assessment are considered in all discussions related to the TSCA reform initiatives.”

Specifically, the TSCA Task Force is committed to providing:

  • Education and discussion on scientific topics that are directly related or tangential to legislation, and
  • Insight on how transformations in toxicology and risk assessment may influence future chemical regulation such that legislative expectations and implementation are scientifically feasible.

To help in this effort, the Task Force adopted guiding principles in relation to its work on TSCA reform. These guiding principles are that TSCA legislation should ensure that:

  • The language affords flexibility in selection of the best available science for generating and evaluating information used in the safety and risk assessment process.
  • The language protects the authority of the US Environmental Protection Agency, working with the scientific community, to judge when and how to apply new techniques and methods.
  • The language ensures the terms and concepts used in the legislative language that apply to the science of toxicology are consistent, accurate, and unambiguous.

Recent Task Force Activity

Toxicologists on Toxicology
To coincide with the Society’s 50th anniversary in 2011, we interviewed a few SOT Past Presidents and have provided highlights of those interviews for your viewing pleasure.

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Is That Science News Relevant to Me?
Every day, new scientific studies are published, which may or may not contain implications for human health—just because something causes an ill effect in an animal model does not necessarily make it dangerous for humans. SOT has put together a primer for helping people interpret science news and whether or not it’s translatable to human health.

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