Science and Risk Communication

The Scientific and Risk Communication (SRC) Work Group volunteers are passionate about improving the way that the SLC communicates, as well as providing opportunities for Society Scientists to become better communicators.

Recent Accomplishments and Goals:

  • Development of User-Friendly SLC Website
  • Communication Training Webinars
    • SLC Webinar: "Toxmasters: Feedback Makes Perfect". A webinar is planned for early March 2022. Dr Andrew Watkins, US EPA, will lead training that will focus on a difficult topic: constructive feedback.
    • SLC Webinar: Title: To Be Determined. Webinar under development for June 2022 to be presented by from Antony Williams, Center of Computational Toxicology and Exposure at US EPA, focusing on how to utilize social media to effectively communicate your research.
  • Identify additional needs of SLC members for training in this area.

Work Group participation is open to all SLC representatives.
All SLC webinars are available as live events to SLC member societies. All recorded webinars are available to the public.