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2023 South Central Regional Chapter Annual Meeting

Particulate Matter Toxicology

Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27
New Orleans, LA

Hosted by the the School of Medicine, LSU Health Sciences Center

Greetings! This announcement is to inform you about the details concerning the South Central Chapter Annual Meeting. This meeting is in-person this year and registration is open. There are three major components of this year’s event:

  • Poster sessions for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Scientific platform presentations from students and fellows.
  • Keynote presentations given by distinguished researchers and a world-class career expert:
    • Dr. Stephania Cormier, Pennington Inst., LSU Baton Rouge, Director LSU Superfund Research Center
    • Dr. Tim Nurkiewicz, Chair Dept. Physiology & Pharmacology, West Virginia University
    • Dr. Renee Bergeron, Executive Director Preclinical Safety Assessment Novartis


Meeting Registration Fees:

  • $35 for full members
  • $25 for postdoctoral/graduate students
  • $10 for undergraduate students
  • $40 for nonmembers

Online Registration Deadline:
Oct. 23, 2023

Please register online by clicking the link below. The link will take you directly to the registration site. Members can login and nonmembers can quickly create a profile and then log in. Once you reach the registration site, click the drop down menu entitled “reg type” (on the right under Badge Administration). That will pop up a box under event fees which you check and you can continue.

Please Register Here

If you cannot register online but still wish to register, please contact SOT Headquarters for assistance.

SCCSOT Fall Meeting abstract book

SCCSOT Fall Meeting program


The SCCSOT officers would like to invite you to submit an abstract and present your recent research findings at this meeting if you plan to attend. The deadline for abstract submission will be Wednesday, October 11, 2023. Authors should indicate their preference for poster or platform presentation. The platform presentations will emphasize student and postdoctoral research. The final program decision will be made by the abstract review committee in the weeks following the deadline.

Abstracts should be emailed as Microsoft Word formatted attachments to Dr. Jia-Long Fang and/or Dr. Md Ekhteal Hossain. Please enter “SCCSOT abstract” in the subject line of your email and indicate whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student or a postdoctoral fellow and if you prefer a platform or poster presentation. Drs. Fang and/or Hossain will acknowledge receipt of your abstract within 2 days; if not, please send a follow-up email.

Abstract format: All abstracts should be left justified and single-spaced with text in 11 pt Arial font (symbols and special characters allowed). The title should be in all capital letters and bolded. Follow the title with a list of the authors (initials followed by last name) on the second line, then their institutional affiliations in sentence case (1st letter of word capitalized, except for conjunctions and prepositions). Place an asterisk in front of the name of the person presenting. Skip one line and type the body of the abstract. The abstract plus title/author lines should fit within a space no larger than 6 in width X 4.5 inch height.

AN EXAMPLE TITLE AND AUTHORSHIP WITH INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION. *William M. Doe (First author) and Sean A. Deer (Second author). Center for Amazing Toxicology Research, College of Medicine, University of Medicine, City, State.
This is the first sentence of the abstract and is flush left and of 6 inches width. It goes on and on …, but no longer than to fill a width of 4.5 inches, including title. It generally concludes with source of support for this research, if applicable, in parentheses like this. (Support: Deep Pockets Fund)
After your abstract text, please skip a couple of lines and then include answers to the following:
Type of Presentation Answer Consider for Award? Answer
Poster-    Undergraduate Student-   
Platform-    Graduate Student-   
      Non-student non-faculty
(technicians and postdoctoral fellows)-

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Fall Meeting Presentation Awards


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