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Metals Specialty Section

The Metals Specialty Section (MSS) is a subgroup of the Society of Toxicology, the membership of which has expertise in all aspects of metal toxicology. This includes mechanisms of action, analytical procedures, regulatory issues, assessment of target organ toxicity, etc. The Section holds regular meetings at the SOT Annual Meetings to discuss topics of interest to the membership.

In addition, the Elected officials consist of the President, Vice-President, Vice-President Elect, two Councilors, and the Secretary/Treasurer. For a current listing of the MSS Officers view the Officers Page.

Key Issues and Goals

  • Outreach—relate the latest developments in metals to the activities of the Society of Toxicology and to stimulate new growth within the field of metals toxicology
  • Education—conduct programs and educational activities which emphasize the latest developments in metals
  • Leadership—to act as a resource to the Society in regards to metals
  • Collaborations—to serve as the focal point for interactions of members of the MSS