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Allegheny-Erie Chapter of the Society of Toxicology

President’s Message

James Antonini,
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History of A-E SOT

The A-E SOT regional chapter was formed in 1988. The groundwork for the local Society of Toxicology was laid by the Pittsburgh Toxicology Club. With the creation of a regional SOT chapter, the club had the opportunity to provide enhanced professional status to its members and a greater opportunity for national impact.

The first two committees met in 1990 to address 1) education of the lay public on toxicology and risk assessment and 2) animal welfare and regulatory issues pertaining to the animal rights movement in our region. The chapter aimed to develop a strategy concerning our role in public education and animal welfare issues in our region.

The Student Research Award was instituted in the year 1989–1990; Teri Bagnell of the University of Pittsburgh was the first winner of this award.

Within the first year of its existence, the club had approximately 110 members. Twenty years later, the chapter has over 70 members. A-E SOT has been going strong for 20 great years.

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