After Submission—Scientific Sessions

Presentation Recording and Upload Instructions

Scientific Session presenters are responsible for recording their presentations for the Virtual SOT Annual Meeting and for uploading these recordings to the Virtual Meeting platform.

It is recommended that speakers use Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation software that allows you to save your presentation as a video in .MP4 format. This is the optimal file type for use with the SOT Virtual Meeting Platform. This page contains instructions for creating your video recordings using PowerPoint. If you are experiencing something different than what is outlined in these tutorials and need assistance, please contact SOT Headquarters.

All Symposium, Workshop, Roundtable, Informational Session, Education-Career Development Session, and Platform Session presenters were sent an email on January 21 containing instructions and an upload link for submitting the presentation recording. Presentation recordings should be uploaded by March 1, and no later than March 5. If a presenter has not received this email, please notify SOT Headquarters.

Instructions for PowerPoint 365

SOT has developed tutorial videos that demonstrate how to record a slide presentation with audio and/or video on a PC or MAC using Microsoft PowerPoint 365. The Recording Instructions for Speakers document (for MAC users and for PC users) also outlines the steps and tips for recording a PowerPoint presentation. Please remember to save your video files in .MP4 format and at the highest-quality level available.

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for Mac Users

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for Mac Users

This video demonstrates instructions on how to record a PowerPoint Presentation with audio using a Mac computer.

Watch recording
PowerPoint Recording Instructions for PC Users

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for PC Users

This video demonstrates instructions on how to record a PowerPoint Presentation with video using a PC.

Watch recording

Template for Recording a Presentation with a Video

Instructions for PowerPoint 2016

Some versions of PowerPoint 2016 will contain the same features as the 365 version, but others may resemble previous versions of PowerPoint, especially if a webcam is not enabled or connected.

For those seeing a different set of controls and screens than those depicted in the tutorial for PowerPoint 365, visit the PowerPoint 2016 tutorial provided by, which contains detailed instructions and screenshots for recording a PowerPoint 2016 presentation. Note that some versions of 2016 do not support including a video of the presenter during the presentation, but a laser pointer is available for illustrative effects.

Remember to save your recording as a .MP4 video file for uploading into the SOT Speaker Management System.

Instructions for PowerPoint 2013

Speakers using PowerPoint 2013 will not be able to include video of themselves presenting their slides, but you will be able to record your narration and use a laser pointer for illustration.

For instructions, please reference the PowerPoint 2013 tutorial provided by

Remember to save your recording as a .MP4 video file for uploading into the SOT Speaker Management System.

Proposal Acceptance

All decisions regarding tentative acceptance are rendered in late July.

All sessions that are accepted are initially granted a tentative acceptance. Tentative acceptance allows session organizers to address any concerns brought to their attention by the Scientific Program Committee (SPC). These issues can include the number of presenters, diversity of presenters (affiliations or geography), and more. The SPC also reserves the right to accept a proposal contingent on the Chair and Co-Chair altering the final presentation to the preferred format of the SPC, although the original proposal format suggestion by the proposer is given due consideration before this kind of change is requested.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Session Chair

A man in a tie and business jacket sits at a table. He is looking at a tablet that is propped on the table in front of him.
  • Ensure deadlines are met.
  • Provide SOT Headquarters with the complete contact information for all nonmember presenters once tentative acceptance is granted.
  • Determine the presentation time for each presenter, including the time allotted for question and answer periods. The duration of each presentation in the session should be in multiples of five. Presentation timings are due to SOT Headquarters in mid-August.
  • Notify SOT Headquarters immediately if there are changes to the presenter roster. Note: while recognizing that some changes will occur, the SPC reserves the right to reconsider a session if presenter substitutes cause a shift in the session’s focus that differs substantially from the original proposal.
  • Facilitate updates and changes during the Resubmission Phase (see the “Finalizing the Session” section on this web page for more information).
  • Communicate the decisions of the SPC to your nonmember presenters who applied for travel assistance.
  • Provide important information to your presenters as it becomes available.
  • Ensure your session complies with the Society’s criteria for the care and use of animals in research.

Finalizing the Session

After a session has been granted tentative acceptance, the session Chair should work with the Co-Chair and all presenters to finalize presentation titles and abstracts—a process known as the Resubmission Phase, which occurs from late July to late August. Note: for all session types, each session Chair must enter a complete, revised “overall abstract” that fully describes the presentation in detail and incorporates any suggestions from the SPC, as well as entering the individual abstracts for each presenter. Complete instructions will be sent in July to all session Chairs for finalizing the sessions.

Final acceptance is granted after a formal round of review of the final session description and individual abstracts by the SPC in mid-September.

Scheduling the Session

The SPC spends many hours discussing and planning the layout of the Monday through Thursday scientific program. Several guidelines are considered during the scheduling:

  • Sessions endorsed by the same Specialty Section, Special Interest Group, or Committee should not be programmed to occur concurrently.
  • Sessions that cover similar topics, regardless of Specialty Section endorsement, are not to be programmed to occur concurrently.
  • No sessions will occur during the Plenary Session or the Plenary Keynote Medical Research Council (MRC) Lecture.
  • No sessions will occur during the SOT/EUROTOX Debate (usually on Monday during the sunset time block).
  • No sessions will occur during the SOT Annual Business Meeting (usually on Tuesday during the sunset time block).

The SPC considers all these factors and diligently reviews the proposals before finalizing the Scientific Session schedule in late September. When the schedule is released, it is considered final and will not be altered.

Questions by Attendees

To ensure high-quality video and audio, the Scientific Session presentations will be pre-recorded, but many Scientific Sessions are including live panel discussions or question-and-answer sessions as part of the session.

Session attendees can interact with presenters via a digital chat feature that is part of each session. Questions may be submitted to presenters throughout the session and will be answered live by the presenters during panel discussions and question-and-answer periods that have been incorporated into many sessions.

While the SPC makes every effort not to schedule two sessions endorsed by the same group at the same time, there are uncontrollable variables that can interfere with the ability to guarantee that sessions on similar topics or endorsed by the same group are not programmed concurrently.

FAQs for Presenters

All scientific session presenters (not including CE presenters) were sent email from Encore containing instructions and the upload portal. If you have not received the email, please email SOT Headquarters with your last name and the email will be resent to you.

March 1.

SOT is asking that all presentations are uploaded by March 1. Information on uploading was sent to all presenters on January 21. If you have not received this email, please check your Junk or Spam folder, or contact SOT Headquarters.

Encore, the SOT A/V team, needs time to edit the recordings together to ensure a seamless flow during the actual session and confirm that the presentation recording durations follow the times published in the Annual Meeting materials. Time is needed to ensure that the recording playbacks as edited together (and incorporating any live panel discussion that follows the final presentation recording playback) do not exceed the total length of the session (165, 90, or 80 minutes). It is critical the session begins and ends on time, as attendees are creating their session playlists based on the times indicated in the Annual Meeting materials.

No. Attendees will not see your presentation until the day of your session.

This is up to the presenter. However, if it is decided to include the video of the presenter in the recording, it should be done for all presenters in the session to ensure consistency. The PowerPoint template provided on the SOT website contains a box leaving room for the video of the presenter. If your session decides not to have a video of the presenter during the recording, presenters should use a different template that does not include the video box.

No. However, be careful when selecting a template as some templates may include graphics that will conceal characters in your PowerPoint.

Yes, as long as the final file type created is a .MP4 video.

Yes. Presenters can upload a revised presentation slide deck by clicking the “Edit files” button on the upload site.

No. The Introduction should be recorded as the other presentations are recorded. If an Introduction was included in your session resubmission provided last summer, the individual giving the Introduction (usually the Chair or Co-Chair) is responsible for recording and uploading the introduction. If the individual giving the Introduction also has a regular presentation, this would be done in addition to a recording for that same speaker’s regular presentation in that session. The options for uploading the Introduction, and the regular presentation, are clear in the presentation upload portal provided by Encore.

There will not be an opportunity for the session to go live after each recording playback. The live component of your session will occur after final recording playback has ended (that is, if a separate Panel Discussion/ Q&A period was scheduled for your session). All presenters should be formally introduced in the Introduction recorded for the session. Another option is each presenter can include a short introduction of the next session presenter in their own recording.

Yes, the recordings will be available in an “on-demand’ format for registered attendees only until May 31.