• Arab Toxicologists Association
    Special Interest Group

President’s Message

Dear ATA Members:

It is my great honor to serve as President of the Arab Toxicologists Association (ATA). In 2019, ATA has been established after years of sustained hard work and networking and since then growingly played important role in refining and shaping the future of Arab toxicologists in Arabia and world-wide regions.

In the years ahead, the role of ATA will become more important, as the global growth engine continues to the need of better understanding of the toxicology. Also, will provide varied materials to enhance everybody’s perception of what is going on in the Arab countries.

As special interest group in Society of Toxicology, we need to work closer together to develop the next generation of toxicology leaders for the Arab regions.

ATA is not only a representative of toxicologists with Arabic origin, but also it connects to all non-Arab toxicologists who worked and studied the different toxicological aspects related to Arabic areas. Our big goal is to grow networking of Arab toxicologists all over the globe and provide necessary resources to improve their work ethics and knowledge. By taking this opportunity, I want to request you to consider applying to the ATA membership, if you are not member already. Your membership and support go a long way to propel this association to the next level to meet the ATA’s mission and vision.

Finally, in addition to expressing gratitude to our members to their participation in our program, and the formal and informal networking that all of us find invaluable, I wanted to thank all SOT Headquarter staff for their support and counsel during establishing ATA and I look forward to work together to grow and publicize the ATA globally.

Hasan Falah Kashef Alghetaa, PhD,
ATA President 2020–2021